Creating Bookie Website Pages that Get Conversions

Visitors decide whether they want to stay on your price per head bookie website or not within the first 3 seconds. This means thatcreating-bookie-website-pages-conversions you have just a short time to see if you can convince people that you have what they are after. Here is some information on how to create pages that can help you get conversions.


Bookie Website Pages: Relevant Questions


When you are ready to start constructing your landing pages, consider questions such as:

  • Curb appeal: Is the pay per head bookmaking website appropriate for the kind of visitors you want to get?
  • Impressions: When someone sees your site for the first time, what does your pages seem to be about to him or her?
  • Focus: When doing your SEO work, does it seem clear that a given page is about a specific keyword?
  • Ease of Use: What is the degree of difficulty to complete a desired task?
  • Details and Conversions: Is it easy for visitors to get easy access to more related info if they wish to? Including areas where a conversion can take place?


Achieving Goals

It is key to have clear goals for each landing page of your bookie website. It is not just about deciding what the proper keyword phrases for your pages are as your aim for a certain page might be to lead people to visit other areas of your site.

To put it simple, you goal for a page is to get visitors to do what you want them to do.

In order to determine the goals for your pages, there are some relevant questions on user actions that you might want to consider:

  • What is the main action that is required from a visitor?
  • Who are the users that must take such action?
  • What is the info that the user needs in order to have a clear idea of how to take the action?


Usability and Viewpoints

Once it is clear to you what the goal of each page is, then it’s time to start working on usability. Think of yourself as a practicality expert for your bookie website. What you really want to do is to design a page that makes it possible for users to achieve your desired goal.

In order to be successful at it, try to avoid assuming that you really know what is best from the perspective of a designer. Instead, make sure that you take into consideration the possible viewpoints of your visitors in order to have a better understanding of the overall picture.


Help from a Usability Expert

Although you are a professional sports betting agent, you might lack some knowledge on usability, so if you actually have the budget, it is advisable to hire the services of someone who knows best.


A pro can help you determine how you can organize your bookie website in order to make it fully navigable. A person with the necessary expertise can also position key content in specific areas of your pages in order to make it more visible for prospective clients.

Let’s say that you have created a page for a special casino promotion you are running. A usability expert can determine how to format such page and which other pages can help to support it (with direct paths from those pages to the main one).



Keep in mind that usability strategies remain just theories until they are tested on actual users.

For example, you might have added a button on the main page of your bookie website that gets users in direct contact with you using a special smartphone application that allows you to answer immediately.

Although that sounds like a good idea, its effectiveness cannot be measured until you spend some time doing the proper user testing.

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