Developing New Skills for your Bookie Business

Whether you are running a small or a large price per head bookie operation, to develop new skills is always a relevant matter becausedeveloping-new-skills-bookie-business there is always room to improve in one area or the other, and most importantly, because it will help you to keep your position as an expert on your professional field.


Bookie Tips: Learn a New Language


Since working closely with a pay per head shop gives you a lot of freedom, you can certainly that off time and use it to keep on learning the skills that will help you not only to expand your current business but to also diversify your professional opportunities, and learning a new tongue is a great way to start.

You might find a situation where you happen to have a client that speaks a foreign language such as Brazilian and who contacted you through social networks. Such player might not be interested in using your call center solutions and prefers to use the internet.

If you happen to know how to speak Portuguese, then you can provide such customer with a more personalized treatment. Otherwise such type of clients will have to rely on their google translations to communicate via email with you.


Learn how to Customize your own Blog

Knowing things like changing the color of your fonts and the background of your bookie blog can be quite useful when it comes to free platforms such as Blogger, but if you have your own domain name and are working with, then it can be a good idea for you to learn more advanced things such as accessing your site via FTP and changing elements with Dreamweaver.

There are many great paid tutorials out there or you can also find some great free tuts in websites such as YouTube, where knowledgeable users often post their own tutorials for everybody to watch.


What Kind of Skills Suits You Best

Among all the skills that you can learn in your lifetime, there are some key ones that will suit your personality better than others, and for that reason, we recommend you to take some time to contemplate your options as a sportsbook bookie: What kind of skills can help you get players faster?

What kind of communication skills you possess and which ones you need to get better with? What can make you a better option for players in your community when compared to other local agents?

When you do some good brainstorming, you will realize which skills you already possess and which ones you really need to acquire.


Practice your New Skills!

If you, for example, just learned a new skill that will help you communicate better, then go ahead and test it with real people as soon as possible. The more you manage to practice the skills that you are currently learning, the better you will get.

If you are learning a new language, don’t hesitate to look for people that you can practice with (online chats are a

good idea to start with). The important thing here is to focus on constant practice because that is the only way in which you will be able to feel more and more confident with your new skills every day.


Think like your Clients

When you go to a restaurant, you certainly expect the waiter to count with some specific skills, such as politeness and even a second language in some cases. When you deal with players, they also expect certain things from a bookie. The trick then is for you to learn what kind of skills your prospective clients are expecting from you and master them as soon as possible.

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