The Different Types of Bookies Out There

Although they all make money out of their sportsbook operations, not all bookies are the same. Here are the best well known types ofdifferent-types-bookies-there agents out there:


The Online Revolution

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to make it in the gambling industry without counting with an online platform, meaning a website with fully functional mobile capabilities.

There are two types: bookmaking agents who create websites from scratch using their own funds, and those whom get a betting website for their clients which is provided by a Price per Head Services company.

In a society where almost every single bettor out there possesses access to the internet and carry their own smartphones, to count with a website where they can get their wagering action without contacting anybody else is a must.


The One-Man Operation

With the arrival of Pay per Head shops, many individuals out there with the right sports knowledge took their chance and created their own startup companies.

Back in the day, to make it alone against the big names in the industry was almost illogical, but with the help of PPH shops, independent bookies can now open their own one-man operations as they are backed by services that includes call center, online and mobile betting.

This is in fact one of the most popular types of bookies, and when you consider how popular sports betting is getting nowadays, it is likely that this trend is going to continue to flourish in the upcoming years.


Physical Sportsbooks

If you live in places like Las Vegas, the United Kingdom, or an overseas country where sports betting is legal, you are likely familiar with physical sportsbooks.

The bigger of this kind of establishments are owned by old school bookies that know the business well and have been getting richer out of it for a long time.

The smaller companies are the ones that are owned by younger entrepreneurs whom count with the capital to compete against the savviest breed of agents.

Most of these places also count with their own physical casinos, which have been added in order to increase profits substantially.

Needless to say, the majority of physical sportsbooks also count with an online presence.


The Family Business

Instead of operating all by themselves, these type of bookmakers have recruited their family members in order to make them part of the business.

They prefer to partner with those closest to them instead of paying a full time staff. They also trust their family a lot, and this is a factor that serves as their primary motivation to get their spouses, brothers and uncles on board.

Bookies whom have opted for running a betting family business usually operate from their own homes and are also likely to work with the support of a price per head shop in order to avoid the unwanted and expensive overhead costs.


Fair and Unfair

There are two classes of bookmakers within the bookie types mentioned above: Those that are fair and those who aren’t.

The fair bookie is the one who always pays on time and is held in high esteem by its players. This is actually the type of agent that has the best chances of making it big in the business because he understands that in a world where word gets spread around easily and quickly, it is better to meet client’s expectations than not doing it.

Then we have the unfair bookie, who never pays his clients on time and who has little regard for the opinion and well being of his customers. Needless to say, the latter is the type of bookmaker that is destined to fail.

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