Do’s and Don’ts of Page Optimization for your Bookie Website

If you have a new price per head bookie website with fresh content which you are eager to promote amongst prospective clients, then dos-donts-page-optimization-bookie-websiteyou should certainly consider doing optimization in order to secure a high page rank for your site based on optimal traffic levels.

To get the best results, there are some things that you must have in your site and some that you must avoid, here are some of the top ones:


Bookie Website: Do Have Internal Links


When it comes to internal linking, you must base your strategy on the top-level pages for your pay per head bookmaking website. Also, include keyword phrases in your internal links as much as possible and try not to add that many links to the very same page on your home page, as this might create some conflicts with the way Google sees your website.


Don’t Have: Flash

No site can come up with a high rank if it’s using a Flash intro, period. When someone is using a flash introduction, he’s not providing Google with searchable content that can be read by the web spider.

Flash also has some pretty dense code, and that is exactly what Google doesn’t want as the search engine giant puts a larger value on readable, open content that can also be easily navigated.

If you still feel that Flash is relevant for your bookie site, then you can create a link from your HTML homepage to your Flash script, and by doing it this way, you can fully optimize your bookie website properly and also show visitors your Flash presentation.


Do Have: A Sitemap

A sitemap is basically a single page which contains links to the rest of the pages on your bookie website (at least the most relevant ones). A sitemap has two important purposes: the first one is to serve as a guide for new visitors to find content and the second one is to make it easier for the Google spider to index the top-level pages.

You can create your own XML sitemap for free now by using Google Webmaster Tools or other free software of your choice.

Note: don’t forget to update your sitemap constantly as you want your new changes to always be visible to Google.


Don’t Have: JavaScript

JavaScript is a type of code to create things such as buttons or related to the navigation and tracking functionalities of your bookie website. Although using JavaScript can be a positive thing when it comes to improve the experience of the user, the truth is that it is a negative factor when it comes to the SERP’s, so it is also advisable to avoid using it.


Do Have: Keyword Development

To the question: why are keywords so important? The answer is: because the algorithm of search engines is mainly focused on keywords; those which are found in your website, in your code, in the links within your bookie site or pointing to it, etc. For this reason, you should try to come up with an efficient SEO plan that will cover things such as keyword research and placement.


Don’t Have: Messy Navigation

The easier that people can find the content they want in your bookie website, the better for your page rank because this means that more users are staying longer in your site instead of just checking your main page to then leave almost immediately.

In order to get visitors to stay, you need to encourage them with easy navigation, so don’t have more than a single side bar and avoid stuffing your main page with links to everything all located on the main page.

Instead, create top-level pages for your navigation bar and then add some categories. The less messy you are, the more people will enjoy their first visit and might consider coming back again in the future.

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