Evaluating your Bookie Website | Price per Head

It’s time to check at your own price per head bookie website and evaluate how it’s sizing up. Take a look at your top landing pages and see which ones are best set up for browsers searching for your main keyword terms.

Your pay per head bookie website needs at least one top landing page with a minimum of 5 secondary articles or pages to support your top keywords so that browsers whom are looking for those phrases can click on a link and find exactly what they were searching for.

It is also quite important to have secondary keyword terms on each one of those pages. Your aim is to have relevant content which contains your main keywords well distributed.


Bookie Website: Construction of Landing Pages


The method that you use to create your landing pages is quite important for top search engines such as Google because it makes it easier for them to understand how relevant each page is. When the spiders visit your bookie website, they evaluate all the factors that are quantifiable, including how many words each page contains and how many times your keyword phrases are repeated.

It is really worth your time and effort to make sure that you’re building your pages according to what Google considers as to be optimal. Although the search engines don’t reveal which are the factors that they take into consideration for ranking purposes, the best way to get a high PageRank for your sportsbook bookie website is to build your pages as natural as possible so they can be acceptable for both browsers and web crawlers.


Evaluating Others

In order to have a better idea of the things that you need to do in order to get a good position in the SERP’s is to see what your competitors are doing. There are great tools out there that can help you analyze a competing site, some are free and some are paid, and it is up to you to decide if a free tool can get you the results that you need or if you refer to pay for a tool that can get you more advanced statistics.


Your SEO Work is Ongoing

When it comes to ranking high for keyword phrases, your search engine optimization work never stops. This is because your current results are transitory as there are others out there trying to outrank you (or viceversa). For this reason you should always keep an eye on what others are doing in order to compete with you. If you see that a competitor has come up with a successful strategy to get a high PR, then try to emulate its work in order to not be left behind.


Best Practices

Here is some information on what it is considered as the best practices for the construction of different site elements.

Title: This is HTML text that you put in the Head and it must be made of between six and twelve words (ten words is considered optimal).

Description: This is another HTML tag that is included in the top section of your bookie website. It must be made of between twelve and twenty four words in length with an average of 20 words being the ideal number.

Keywords: Another one that goes in the Head section, the optimal number for your keywords is between twenty and forty words with an average of thirty.

Headings: This is the total of heading tags included on a given page. There is really not a minimum or a maximum for headings, but it is advisable to include an H2 tag on your articles as this is indeed one of the factors that is taken into consideration by the web spiders when they visit your bookie website.

Hyperlinks: the number of links that you have on your site can vary, but there is one main consideration: you must add meaningful anchor text that is directly related to your top keyword phrases.

Tags: No tags