Using Facebook To Promote Your Bookie Site

Social media is essential for the pay per head bookie who wants to reach his desired target market ,and Facebook is at the top of the facebook-promote-bookie-siteladder when it comes to popularity, therefore to work with this site is a must-do.

Facebook, just like google, is one of the most visited sites in the world and for that reason alone is that bookies need to create their own presence on this social media website.


Bookie Site: Create A Facebook Page


Facebook offers people two options: regular profiles and pages. The second option is the most convenient for bookies because a page is more business-oriented and it serves as the perfect card of presentation for agents whom are taking their game to the web.

A fantastic feature of Facebook pages is that it allows the user to personalize it with a unique name. For example, a bookie can create a page and name it after his website.

Let’s say that an agent wants to create a site named ‘bookie’s world’, so, if available, the facebook page name can be set to This will instantly add more credibility to the bookmaking agent’s facebook presence because a shortened name is better than a link that is filled with pointless numbers and letters.


Start your very own guerrilla marketing campaign

Once your page is filled with original content that links to your website, it’s time to start doing some marketing. Your best bet is to visit other Facebook pages related to sports and gambling and engage in conversations and always leave the link for your actual site (not your Facebook page) on each comment you make.

For example, if the NBA playoffs are on, then the traffic on the pages related to the participating teams is surely going to increase considerably and that is exactly the right time when you can get the most attention from many people.

Chances are that a lot of individuals whom visit team’s Facebook pages are also players and soon enough you will be making business with some of them if you are patient, friendly and polite.

Just like with sports sites, visiting pages which were created for a sportsbook or a casino is also very important and posting comments on such pages should be at the top of your priorities.


Give away Some Products From Time To Time To Get More Likes

One of the most popular ways used by Facebook page owners to increase their traffic is to RIFAR a product such as an iPod or an iPhone among the people that likes their page and share it with their Facebook friends.

Although this requires you to buy the product that you will RIFAR, this is certainly a small expenditure when you consider the outstanding exposure you will obtain.


Like Facebook Pages That Are Appealing To Players’ Interests

Liking pages in Facebook is great because once you hit the ‘Like’ button you will immediately start receiving updates from those pages on your wall.

This makes it easier for you to comment on relevant pages without having to leave your own Facebook account, so, make sure that you are constantly checking your wall for new posts and create some activity on a regular basis.


Work With A Friendly Mentality

Although you want your comments on other pages to be seeing and liked, you want to stay away from controversy, therefore, when you write a comment, try to be as impartial as possible. For example, if you post friendly comments in a post related to a specific game without taking sides, your words will be valued by all the people engaged in the conversation.

Always remember to not take things personal when you are commenting; remember you are promoting your business page and not your very own profile.

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