Football Betting Software: Top 10 Features to Look For

As a bookmaking agent, you want access to the best Football Betting Software.

Football Betting Software: Top 10 Features to Look For
Football Betting Software: Top 10 Features to Look For

This is the kind of tool that can really make the difference for your sports betting and gaming operation.


Football Betting Software: The Ideal Tool

There are different Football Betting Software types. And as an agent, you want to get the best.

The reason is because you don’t want to waste time with a data management tool that doesn’t offer you the features you need.

Now, these are those features that you, as an agent, must count with in order to run your wagering and gambling operation seamlessly:


  • User-Friendly
  • Custom Reports
  • Full Wagering Menu
  • Casino Services
  • Call Center for Players
  • Secure
  • Access to Support
  • Fully Mobile
  • Affordable
  • Ready to Go



You want to get Football Betting Software that you can start using right away; without the help of professional assistance.

This means that when you’re searching for a Pay per Head shop; you need to request a trial period.

During this trial, you can test if the sportsbook software is good or not.

And what’s best is that if you confirm that the bookie software from the PPH Shop is bad; you don’t have to pay a single cent.

With that said, only a reputable price per head company is able to offer trial periods.

And the reason for that is because the PPH Shop offers great offshore services; and they know that most people are going to remain their clients after the trial period is over.


Custom Reports

The best Football Betting Software is also the one that offers custom reports.

These reports can be customized by the bookie at will in order to check only the information he needs.

This is really a crucial feature to count with because the operation of the top bookmaker is processing wagering and gambling action constantly.

So, by customizing the different reports, the bookmaking agent is able to check key information in a fast and precise way.


Full Wagering Menu

You also want Football Betting Software that comes with a full wagering menu.

This means that you want a menu that extends beyond professional American leagues.

In fact, you want your players to be able to bet on as many international sports and leagues as possible.

And you want them to count with this feature because this will allow them to keep wagering when action on American sports is slow.

You also want to count with the services of a Pay per Head Shop that offers horse bets.

Even better, you want a PPH Shop that counts with its own sportsbook and racebook departments.

This means that if you have clients that only bets on sports or horses; you can provide them with a direct toll free number so they can talk to specialized wagering clerks.


Casino Services

The best Football Betting Software provider must also be able to offer you casino services.

This is a service that can really help you double your profits in an effortless way.

And, although you may need to pay an extra for using this solution, it’s really worth the cash.

The reason is because once you get it, you can start offering this solution to your sports betting players.

Without this service, your clients will doubtlessly get their gambling action somewhere else.

So, you can easily prevent this from happening; just by contacting the PPH Shop and getting their online casino service for players.


Call Center for Players

Football Betting Software is for bookies, and online and call center services are for players.

This means that apart from counting with a great online wagering service; the PPH Shop must also count with a modern offshore call center located in a country such as Costa Rica.

The best way to verify if you’re dealing with a reputable PPH Shop is to use their call center services yourself.

Get in touch with the call center, and place a couple of wagers, just like a regular client. This way you can verify the kind of service the Pay per Head shop is able to provide.



As a bookmaking agent, you also want Football Betting Software that is fully secure.

This means that the data that is processed using the data management tool is always safe.

You also want the best security for your players. And what’s great about a reputable Pay per Head shop is that it only requires a user name and a password to process wagering and gambling action for a person.

This means that it is actually the bookie who always holds such important information.

And what’s more important, such data is never online. So players can always place their bets knowing that they are doing it using a secure service.


Access to Support

You definitely want Football Betting Software that offers the best support services.

With that said, if you’re dealing with a reputable Pay per Head shop; chances are that their data management tool is so good and easy to use, that bookies hardly require support.


Fully Mobile

The best Football Betting Software is also the one that offers full mobile capabilities.

This means that the services of the PPH Shop can easily be accessed by the top bookmaker and his players through mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

As a bookie, you want as much freedom as possible. Because due to the nature of your business, you need to be constantly on the move.

So, you really want a tool that you will always be able to access in a fast and easy way.



You don’t want to overpay for Football Betting Software. This means that you need to take some time to analyze the options out there.

You are not really looking for the cheapest services. And, you are not looking for the most expensive ones either!

What you really want is to find services that are good, and that are also affordable to your pocket.


Ready to Go

Last but not least, you want a solution that is ready to go!

This means that you want a data management tool that is ready for you and your players to use.

It also means that this is the kind of Football Betting Software that’s easy to integrate to a wagering and gambling operation.

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