Gambling Business Ideas: Start a Casino Using Pay per Head

If you’re looking for Gambling Business Ideas, consider starting your own Pay per Head online casino (and sportsbook).

Gambling Business Ideas: Start a Casino Using Pay per Head
Gambling Business Ideas: Start a Casino Using Pay per Head


Gambling Business Ideas: Pay per Head, What is it?

There are very good Gambling Business Ideas out there; and working with a PPH offshore services provider is one of them.

This is because a price per head shop guarantees your players access to all popular casino games; including PPH Poker.

And all you have to do is to pay a weekly fee per active player for it.

Here’s how it all works:


Contacting the Pay per Head Shop

You can start working on the first of your Gambling Business Ideas by contacting the right Pay per Head Shop.

You want to work with one that is located overseas. And this is because you will definitely get better services.

It’s all the money factor. You will not only get cheaper prices, but the services will also be of a higher quality.

This is really all in your benefit as a sports betting and gaming entrepreneur.

Now, in order to contact a reputable price per head company, you need to look online.

Go and do some searches, and check for the top spots at the list. Don’t focus too much on the paid results because they don’t guarantee that you’re reaching out to the right PPH Shop.

Instead, look into the organic results, check the first few on the list; and then chat with a representative; or given them a phone call.


What to Ask About

Now, when you contact the Pay per Head shop, you don’t really need to discuss all of your Gambling Business Ideas.

Instead, you need to ask for the services the price per head company can offer you to grow a gaming operation.

Here are the services you can ask for:


Bookie Software

The core service from a Pay per Head Shop is sports betting. With that said, reputable PPH Shops have managed to come up with outstanding online casino solutions for bookmaking agents.

So, when you sign up with a PPH Shop, you will get access to bookie software.

This data management solution allows you to process the action of your players.

Now, this is the main tool, the main product.

If you want to put your Gambling Business Ideas to work, you need to ask the PPH Shop for their EXTRA casino solution.

This means that apart from the regular standard fee for wagering services; you need to pay a small extra for gaming solutions.

And this is all good. Because you will end up making a lot of money, while keeping operational costs low.

In other words, you can use this casino and sportsbook software solution for years, become rich; and ALWAYS pay the same weekly fees to the price per head shop.

So, when you contact a representative from a reputable Pay per Head company; this is the first thing you should ask about.


Online Casino

If you want your Gambling Business Ideas to really work in your favor; you need to pick a Pay per Head shop that offers GREAT online casino services.

It’s important to mention that not all PPH Shops are going to offer you good gaming solutions.

So, you need to take the time and investigate what is it that you’re really getting.

You want to ask about:

  • What games are offered?
  • Does it include PPH Poker?
  • What kind of website is available for players?


What games are offered?

You want to ask the PPH services representative what games are offered in the casino solution package.

The answer to this question can be really determining for the success of the first of your Gambling Business Ideas.

The reason is because you want to work with a Pay per Head shop that offers as many games as possible!

And you also want those games to be fully fair and modern.

This is very important because gamblers are very demanding these days.

And, since there are many offerings out there, players know there’s someone out there ready to please their needs.

So, make sure to ask about:

  • how many games are offered
  • how modern
  • and how fair they are


Does it include PPH Poker?

For the first of your Gambling Business Ideas to paid good results; it’s better to work with a Pay per Head shop that offers PPH Poker.

The reason is because PPH Poker is very popular; and players from all over the globe are trying to become the next expert in this particular game.

So, knowing that PPH Poker is in demand, you really want to take your own slice of that profitable pie.

For that reason, make sure to ask the representative from the PPH Shop about this particular solution; because it can end up being a great source of cash.


What kind of website is available for players?

When working with a price per head shop, you have two website options:

  • Generic
  • Customized



The generic website is a site that is shared by many clients of the PPH Shop.

This means that not only your players will be using such site; but also the players of many other sports betting and gaming entrepreneurs.

This is really not a problem at all because the games and everything else works exactly the same as with the generic version; but there’s a difference…



The difference is in the presentation of the website. And in the fact that only your players are going to be using such site.

This means that you can choose the design of the website. And you can also add your own domain name. For example:

As you can see, this is a site that will be yours to run. With the advantage that the wagering software is provided directly by the Pay per Head shop.

And all you have to do to allow your players to have access to this service is to pay a weekly fee that includes everything.

This is doubtlessly a great way to start the first of hopefully many prosperous Gambling Business Ideas.


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