Home-Based Pay per Head Bookie Service: The Basics

Indeed, one of the largest, fastest growing markets in the country is the home-based business model, which is why to start providing a pay home-pay-per-head-bookie-service-basicsper head bookie service to bettors from the comfort of your own home is such a good, and profitable idea.

There are a variety of reasons why running a business from home (including a pay per head bookie service) is so popular nowadays, but most importantly it is the advent of the electronics age, with its smart devices and global communications (the internet) at the forefront.

Providing a pay per head bookie service to players from home doesn’t mean that your payperhead business is destined to remain small.

In fact, many large corporations from a variety of industries have started as home projects, including Ford, Hewlett-Packard, and even Apple.

You can, for example, start a part-time, home-based pph bookie service while holding a full time regular job at a given company.


Info on Running a Home-Based Pay per Head Bookie Service


So, if you want to become a bookmaker and run your own sportsbook operation from the comfort of your own home, here is some information that you may find useful.


Organizing Your Work Space

Make sure to designate an area of your home to function as your working space.

Try to organize everything as efficiently as possible, and also eliminate all non-work materials and items (including the TV, pool table, exercise equipment, etc) in order to avoid mixing those with the stuff that you actually need to run your pay per head bookie service business.

Keep this in mind: When a prospective or current client of your sports betting operation steps through the door into your home office, it should feel like an actual business.


Set Business Hours

It is also important to establish a regular schedule as your clients must know what your business hours are.

Since you are operating out of your home, to acquire credibility can be challenging, so, by operating on a schedule, current and prospective customers will take you more seriously.

Of course this applies only to the work that you personally do, as using a pay per head service allows your clients to have unlimited, 24-7 access to their wagering accounts and to general client attention solutions.

Back to you, when you are going to be away, and unavailable to take calls or receive web messages from the clients that have personal, recurrent access to you, make sure to work with an alerts system that allows you to take care of missed called or messages as soon as you return to work. Make this a priority.


Protect Your Work Hours

Once you are inside your home office, you shouldn’t be interrupted. For this reason, sit down with the members of your family and explain to them the reasons why you need to work without interruptions. It is likely that they will understand, and consider reasonable why you need some private hours.

Now, this rule should apply not only to your family members, but also to your friends. It is not uncommon for people to perceive a home business as to be more casual, so your friends may think that it is not a bad idea to show up for a visit during the middle of the day, but doubtless, those same friends won’t dare to pop up into a corporate office for a cup of coffee with you.

So, if your plan is to become bookmaker and run your pay per head bookie service business from your own home, make sure to designate the correct working space, set a regular schedule, and most importantly, work with a lot of discipline.

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