Advice on How to Become a More Effective Bookie

If you are a bookie that is just starting a small, medium or large betting operation with the help of price per head services, then mosthow-become-effective-bookie areas of your business are covered.

This of course doesn’t mean that you can just sit down and do nothing with your time. In fact, the more you commit to get new clients and promote your entrepreneurial undertaking, the more prosperity you will witness.

Here is some useful advice indicating how you can do twice as much in the same number of hours that you work on a daily basis.


Bookie Tips: Have a Big Goal in Mind All the Time


A pay per head sportsbook bookie must work towards attaining a big coal constantly because doing it will provide the agent with the right mindset that will help him get things done more effectively and in less time. This is because the bookie will find himself with a sense of achievement and focus that can turn into a game-changing strategy.

If you for example are a bookie that made 30 new clients last year, then a big goal for you can be to make 60 new clients this year.

Remember to set a clear deadline and come up with your own milestones (let’s say that your deadline is twelve months from now, so a good milestone can be to make 15 new clients during the first four months of the year.


Work in the Mornings

Although you are a bookie that can make up your own schedule, it is advisable that you get important work done during the mornings. This is because your brains tends to work better and is more efficient during the early hours of the day as the person has just experienced a good night sleep.

If you just started a bookie blog, then try to get those posts done during the morning and you will find out that you are more efficient and creative.


No Distractions Allowed

If you are the kind of person that enjoys sites like Facebook and Twitter a lot, it is really in your best interest if you make use of those sites or similar ones as part of your work and not for entertainment purposes. If you for example have your Twitter stream visible on your computer screen all day long, you will certainly miss some valuable time checking on links for must-read articles or for interesting pictures.

The negative aspect concerning this is that when you have your attention on a work-related matter and you get distracted by a new tweet or Facebook post, then you will be losing momentum and then it will be difficult for you to return to your accurate thinking again.


A Healthy Lifestyle is Important

If you eat well, do exercise and go to bed early, you will certainly be able to operate at peak performance levels when you wake up every day. On the other hand, if you eat fast food regularly and consider yourself a couch potato that go to sleep at 2 am, it will be difficult for you to have the necessary energy to accomplish things during the day.


Recharge your Batteries

Sure, it is essential that you find yourself committed to your professional goals, but the truth is that if you want to accomplish things the right way, you need to have time for yourself in order to recharge your batteries and keep on working with a refreshed and clear mind.

During such time, you won’t answer calls from clients or check your bookie software; in fact, you will completely forget about your betting operation. You can either pick a given day of the week to do this or you can just make a rule of never working during the night.

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