How can a Bookie Get and Keep Wealthy Clients

Wealthy players can really make the difference for your price per head bookie business, and here is some advice on how to reach outhow-bookie-keep-wealthy-clients to the elite and keep them as customers in your bookmaking portfolio.


Bookie Tips: Get Close to their Confidantes


If you really want get a hold of those wealthy clients that will ultimately become the core of your pay per head bookie business, you need to first earn their trust, and you can achieve that by networking with people they trust, as it is a well known fact that the rich prefers to deal with individuals that have been recommended to them by those whom are close to them.

Using specialized social media sites can be key if you want to get contacts from the highest stratospheres. A place like LinkedIn is particularly good because many affluent individuals have accounts there.

If you, for example, made a friend in Facebook associated to the gambling world that you believe can help you get in touch with possible affluent clients, then try to get that person to give you his LinkedIn information and once you have successfully added that person to you list of contacts, go ahead and explore his/her own LinkedIn networking and try to continue to build your list of friends using that same strategy over and over again.

Just be careful: try to always act as professional as possible and don’t ask those wealthy LinkedIn contacts to start placing bets with you right away. Instead, try to build good relationships and it is likely that at the end of the day you will close some good deals.


Offer them the VIP Treatment

Rich people not only want agents to provide them with elite services, they actually expect it and demand it. Create special VIP packages for those customers whom are spending a lot with you on a weekly basis and make sure that they realize that you are treating them in a special way as they will like the fact of knowing that they occupy a privileged place in your betting operation.


Know how to deal with Rich Baby Boomers

Many baby boomers will probably perceive a young bookie as someone incompetent, and although this might not be true at all, you really don’t want to lose the business of one of these affluent individuals. If you are young, your best bet is to associate yourself with an older bet-wise person that is able to speak the language of a baby boomer.

Make sure that you keep some key aspects of the way you do business private or otherwise you run the risk of losing the wealthy client to your new partner. For this reason, it is recommendable that you find an associate that knows about bets, but that is not very knowledgeable about running a full operational betting business.

Also, keep things clear: let the baby boomer client that although you are talking with a season gambler on a regular basis (your partner), you are still the one that runs the show.

Encourage your associate you present a good image of yourself to the wealthy client or otherwise just try to find someone else that can help you and that will work in a honest way.


Let the PPH Shop Know about Your VIP Clients

Although the services provided by a top pph shop should be the same and of a high quality for everyone, it is certain that there are some special customers that do service some extra special attention.

If you are dealing with a player that is basically making your week, every single week, then you should try to cut a deal with the pph shop so only veteran representatives will get the calls of your VIP customer. You can even ask for an extra 800 number so you can give it to your privileged clientele.

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