How Does Pay per Head Work? A Helpful Guide for Bookies

How does pay per head work? If this is a concept you want to get more familiar with; then this article will help you find the answers you’re looking for.

How Does Pay per Head Work? A Helpful Guide for Bookies
How Does Pay per Head Work? A Helpful Guide for Bookies

And it will clarify why custom bookie software, sportsbook and pph poker solutions is just what you need to become a top bookmaker.


How Does Pay per Head Work?

If you’re a new sports betting bookie that is looking for information on how does pay per head work; and how it can help your sports betting and gaming operation, then we encourage you to read on.


What is Pay per Head?

Pay per head is a concept that is very familiar with modern sports betting agents. It can be defined as an exchange of sportsbook, casino and bookmaking software services, for a weekly fee per player.

Here is an example:

A top bookmaker hires the services of a pph shop to help you run his wagering and gambling operation. The pph shop then sets a weekly fee per player for the bookie. This means that the latter has to pay a weekly fixed price each time one of his players uses the services of the pph shop.

And, what’s best, it’s all based on current usage! So, if the bookmaking agent has 50 players, but only half of them were active during a given week; then the bookie only pays for the players that had some sort of action, and not for the ones that remained inactive.

This is certainly very convenient for the sports betting and gaming agent as he pays the pph shop only when his own clients are turning him a profit.


What Are The Services Offered?

Understanding how does pay per head work includes knowing what the services available are:


Sportsbook Software

Sportsbook software is for both the bookie, and its players. The sports betting agent uses an interface that allows him to check on the current activity of his clients; and it also allows him to move wagering lines at will; to close accounts, or to set betting limits; among many other functions.

With this sportsbook software, the top bookmaker is able to run his wagering operation from anywhere in the world; as the interface can easily be accessed through the web using either a computer, or any other personal device, such as a smartphone or a tablet.

This allows the bookmaking agent to always take the necessary measures concerning the action of his players; with the goal of bringing as many benefits as possible to his wagering and gambling operation.

This sportsbook software is also for players! The difference is in the interface. As bookies can see the internal side of the figures, the players can only access the wagering menu.

However, this bookmaking software is equally convenient for both sides because players can also place their bets or play pph poker or other casino games using their own laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Indeed, to get familiarized with bookie software is essential if you want to know how does pay per head work.

And, in order to do so, you can contact the pph shop of your choice, and ask them to give you access to one of their bookie software test accounts. This should be a free service in most cases.

Here’s a quick look at the kind of sportsbook software you should get for your sports betting and pph poker operation:


Call Center

Although many sports betting and pph poker players prefer to get their action all on their own using the web, there are many others who still prefer to call-in for their action.

This is either because they are old-school and like the human interaction related to the wagering transaction; or simply because a phone call it’s more convenient at a given time.

The call center of a well known pph shop is located offshore. The reason is because the owners of the pph shop wants to save money in overhead costs; which can then be translated into extra services for the sports betting agents and their players.

And also because they want to work under the legal boundaries of the country the call center is located at.

This service works like this:

When a top bookmaker signs up with a pph shop, he will get a personalized 800 number; which he needs to pass on to his clients.

Once sports betting players have this number, they can dial it to place their bets at any time. Their calls will be taken by experienced wagering clerks that are trained to be as efficient and likable as possible.

It is also important to mention that every single call made is monitored. This guarantees that when a player calls in to make a bet, his phone call is recorded. This is very important for a bookie in case of wagering disputes with his sports bettors.


Internet Wagering

Without access to web betting, modern players certainly feel frustrated. So, to count with an online website where players can get their wagering action themselves is paramount.

A reputable pph shop either provides the bookie with its own betting website, or it prompts him to an in-house site that is used by the players of all the sports betting agents the pph shop does business with.

Whatever the case may be, the result is the same: happy players whom are able to place bets from anywhere they want, at any time, in a private way.


Casino Games

To understand how does pay per head work also means knowing that pph services are not just intended for sports bettors. They’re also intended for gamblers.

This is because in most cases, a sports bettor is also a gambler; so offering a pph poker and casino solution to its sports betting players is definitely quite convenient for the top bookmaker.

This is good for the bookie because he can make extra cash when sports betting activity is slow. And, he can also offer a wider variety of options to his players, which keeps them satisfied, and loyal.


The Steps to Get PPH

Once you get familiarized with how does pay per head work, it’s time to sign up for an account with a pph shop.

The first thing is to decide which pph shop you want to do business with.

Then, you need to give them a call in order to talk to a new clients’ manager. This person will sit down and talk to you about a deal that is the most convenient for your particular needs as a bookie.

Once you have agreed on a weekly fee, and on the price per head services you want to adopt as your own, then its time to start playing with the bookie software and to test the solutions you’ve acquired.

Then, when you are fully familiar with everything, get user names and password for your clients. Call each player (or send an email) and provide each individual with their own personal login information; which they can then use to start placing bets, or playing pph poker or casino games. Of course, don’t forget to provide your players with the 800 number for the call center, and the URL for the betting website.

From that point on, you will realize how easy it is to integrate a price per head service to your wagering and gambling operation; and how convenient it is for both you and your players.
As you can see, to learn how does pay per head work is not that complicated, and it can be the kind of solution that can make the difference for your sports betting and gaming operation.


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