How To Be A Bookie For Dummies: It’s All About Pay per Head

If you want success, our How To Be A Bookie For Dummies guide will teach you how to get to where you want to be, easily…

How To Be A Bookie For Dummies: It's All About Pay per Head
How To Be A Bookie For Dummies: It’s All About Pay per Head

And it’s really simple because all you need to do is to get your hands on the best pay per head offshore services from Costa Rica.


How To Be A Bookie For Dummies: The PPH Services

And when you get these solutions, here’s what’s included:

  • Sportsbook Software
  • Wagering Website
  • Extra Casino
  • Call Center Services


Sportsbook Software

Our How To Be A Bookie For Dummies guide begins with information on the tool that is available for agents.

This sportsbook software will allow you to manage your operation with the least of efforts on your part.

And the reason is because this is a very simple; yet very sophisticated tool that includes all the information you need, and more.

All the info is available in the form of agent reports.

There are more than 15 of these outstanding reports, and with their help, you can analyze your business in a better way.

And then, using the data you collect, you can take better decisions to improve your profits or prevent unnecessary losses.

And what really sets this tool apart from similar ones is that this product is fully mobile.

This means that you don’t need to download anything because everything is available online.

And that’s exactly what you want, because you’ll be able to manage your operation from anywhere in the world.

And needless to say, this is an advantage you want to count with because as a top bookmaking agent; chances are that you’re constantly on the move getting new clients.

Which means that you need the kind of bookie software that is always available so that you can manage your operation in the best possible way.


Wagering Website

Next in our How To Be A Bookie For Dummies guide it’s time to talk about the wagering website your players get access to.

This is a site where your players can place all the wagers they want, and they can do it will full privacy and discretion.

And just like the sportsbook software you get, this site is also fully mobile.

This means that all your players need is access to the internet and their smartphones or computers.

Then, they can login with their user names and passwords, and get all the sports betting action they want.

Easily! and most importantly, without having to contact you directly at any time…

Which means that by getting pay per head services, freedom will become your new ally.

Now, there are two versions of this website:

  • Standard site
  • Custom site


Standard site

This is a website where the players of many bookmakers get their action.

And this is really the perfect option for those bookmaking agents whom are running small operations.

But, if you’re the type of agent who’s planning on growing and expanding, your best option is to get a…


Custom site

This is a website that’s going to be available only for your own players!

You can customize it with your favorite design, and you can also pick the name of the site…

And what’s great about it is that you don’t have to pay for any overhead costs such as website hosting, etc…

Now, this is a service that you can get by paying a ONE-TIME extra fee.

Once you do that, you can contact the developing team from the pay per head shop; so that they can start working on your new site using your personalized information.


Online Casino

Next in our How To Be A Bookie For Dummies guide is to learn about gambling services for agents.

If you really want to take your operation to the next level, you can get the online casino solution from the PPH Shop.

This is a full casino, including the most popular games and modern flash designs.

Plus, your players can also get access to a LIVE DEALER CASINO!

This is a gambling solution where your players can place bets with actual real live dealers.

So, if you want your customers to be fully satisfied, this is an experience you really want to offer them.

And what’s also great about this solution is that once you get it; you can start marketing your business not only to bettors, but also to gamblers!

And that means that you can truly expand your operation in a considerable way; allowing you to obtain the kind of profits that can help you reach your professional goals, in no time at all…


Call Center Services

Next in our How To Be A Bookie For Dummies guide are call center services.

These solutions are provided by a team of professional clerks working from a modern pay per head Costa Rica call center.

And the reason why you want to work with a PPH Shop from Costa Rica is because this is where the top PPH companies in the world are located…

So, by working with one of these companies, you can really get the best value for your cash…

And this is a service that includes access to a personal toll free number!

This means that when you sign up, you get your own 1-800 number, which your players can use to place all the wagers they want.

And needless to say, this 1-800 number, plus a personalized site are the perfect tools that can allow you to build your own professional brand as a top bookmaker.



Now, when you sign up with a top PPH Shop from Costa Rica, you will get a full free week to test everything out.

During that week, you can test your services and those destined for your players.

And if you’re happy with the results, then you can go ahead and sign up with the PPH Shop long-term.

On the other hand, if you don’t like what you see, you can feel free to look for a better PPH services provider…


Hopefully the information in our How To Be A Bookie For Dummies guide will help you realize how important these PPH services are, so look for the best pay per head company, and sign up now!

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