How To Become A Bookie Guide: Pay Per Head Services For Success

If you want to make money fast, and with no hassle, here’s a great How To Become A Bookie Guide to help you start your own wagering and casino business…

How To Become A Bookie Guide: Pay Per Head Services For Success
How To Become A Bookie Guide: Pay Per Head Services For Success

With these solutions, you’ll be able to increase your profits, and save money at the same time…

And this is because these services are affordable, and offer unbeatable value for you and your players.


How To Become A Bookie Guide: General Info

We’re starting our How To Become A Bookie Guide with some general information on pay per head solutions…

When you sign up, you’ll get the help of a professional accounts representative that will walk you through the setup, and post-setup processes. So everything is going to be easy and smooth…

Now, these sports betting and gaming solutions are full mobile for both agents and players.

And these offshore services are also fully secure.

That’s because there’s always quality control monitoring on action placed online or over the phone.

And this includes full control over wiseguy action. So, when the PPH Shop notices this unwanted activity, you’ll be notified immediately.

Plus, these are solutions are always available. And this is because the PPH company counts with 5 or more uplinks to the web; guaranteeing 99.9% uptime.

These are also custom-built solutions, which means that you can personalize these solutions according to your own particular needs.

And what’s great about working with PPH services is that you get a full FREE WEEK to test everything out…


Balance between price and service

Now, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

This means that you’re really not looking for the cheapest pay per head alternative.

On the contrary, you want to work with a PPH company that offers competitive prices.

And the reason is because this guarantees that you’ll be getting a lot of value for the least a mount of cash.

So, if you go with the cheapest PPH shop, chances are that the services you’ll get will be quite poor in terms of quality.

And you really don’t want to go with the most expensive PPH company either!

For this reason, make sure that you’re really getting all the services you and your players need, without breaking the bank.


How To Become A Bookie Guide: Bookie Software

Next in our How To Become A Bookie Guide is information on the bookie software you get to manage everything.

This tool offers real-time reporting, which means that you always get fresh data.

And this is a very helpful tool, as you can use it to plan your course of action in a better way.

You can do this easily, and on a daily, weekly, and / or monthly basis.

Now, this sportsbook software comes with 20 standard reports, and 10 advanced ones.

This means even more accurate data, and even more control!

What’s also great is that you can modify the wagering lines provided by the PPH company…

Although this is not necessary, you may want to modify a line here and there, from time to time, without a problem.

And an added advantage is that you’re able to modify the different wagering and gambling rules…

Indeed, it’s everything you need to have full control, and a little more…


How To Become A Bookie Guide: Online Services

Now in our How To Become A Bookie Guide it’s time to talk about online bookmaking and gambling services for players…

These are very secure solutions, which work using a simple alias and password.

Meaning that your clients don’t need to provide their personal data to the PPH Shop to get their action processed.

In other words, this web solution offers a fully safe environment so that players can wager without any worries at all…


The Lines

Now, players get access to the most complete wagering menu. This includes a wide variety of options on sporting events and props from around the globe.

And these lines are also the sharpest in the industry. The reason being that the lines offered by a top PPH company are moved based on exclusive information.

And players not only get access to regular wagering, but also to live in-game betting!

This means that they can bet while a given sporting event is taking place. And this includes up-to-the-second line updates….


Custom-built website

You can also get your own custom-built website, which allows you to choose between different templates, and pick your own personalized domain name.


Your own casino

Now, you can also get access to your own casino!

When you sign up, your players will only get access to online sports betting services.

So, this is a service that you need to request as an extra.

With that said, this is a very profitable solution, and you defininitely want to count with it.

There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that you’ll be able to double your profits effortlessly.


How To Become A Bookie Guide: Call Center Services

Next in our How To Become A Bookie Guide it’s time to discuss call center solutions.

This is a service that includes a personalized 1-800 number.

And players are able to get their action 24-7, using the assistance of highly trained and friendly multilingual staff.

Now, if you’re dealing with a top PPH company, chances are that its call center will be full of professionals in a variety of areas.

This includes lines managers, wagering clerks, customer service reps , web developers, and much more.

All of these individuals are working in a modern call center located in Costa Rica.

And you really want to work with a Costa Rican PPH company because you’ll defininitely get the best value for your cash.


As you can see, if you really want to turn into a top bookmaker, chances are that you’ll be needing these PPH services to make your dreams come true.

And hopefully our How To Become A Bookie Guide helped you figure out why these solutions are so important, so that you take the decision of getting them ASAP…

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