How To Become A Bookie Now With Premium Pay per Head Services

If you want to learn How To Become A Bookie Now, then this guide will show you the top secret of the best agents out there.

How To Become A Bookie Now With Premium Pay per Head Services
How To Become A Bookie Now With Premium Pay per Head Services

But before that, have you asked yourself what are your goals as a bookie, or why do you even want to become one?

Do you have the knowledge, or the expertise required?

If you’re wondering about these things, don’t worry, to become a top bookmaker is not as difficult as it seems.

All you need is some basic knowledge on sports betting, gambling, and even some sales skills.

And you definitely need some startup funds, to make sure you start your bookmaking business with the right foot.

More on these topics later, let’s get back to the TRUE SECRET of learning How To Become A Bookie Now, and that secret is: WORKING WITH A PAY PER HEAD COMPANY.

That’s right! A bookmaker without PPH services is destined to fail.

And that’ because these tools remove most responsibilities from your hands, giving you the freedom you want and need.

Let’s see what those pay per head offshore services are, and what they can do for you and you operation…


How To Become A Bookie Now: Pay per Head Services

So, if you want to learn How To Become A Bookie Now and be successful at it, you definitely need to be informed about PPH solutions.

These are the services that will allow you to improve not just the quality of your professional and personal lives, but also YOUR PROFITS.

These are the services you and your players will get access to:

  • Sportsbook Software
  • Website For Players
  • Phone Betting


Sportsbook Software

The first service we’re going to analyze on our How To Become A Bookie Now guide is sportsbook software.

This is the tool you’ll be using to manage everything related to your sports betting operation.

You can check the LIVE ACTION of your players.

And you also get informed about unwanted wiseguy activity.

Plus, this is a service that allows you to be in full control of player accounts.

This means that you can open or shut down an account within seconds.

And you can also set all kinds of player limits, including risk amounts and wagering types.

But what’s really fabulous about this tool is that it requires no training at all!

This means that once you sign up with the right PPH Shop, you’ll be able to start using this tool like a real pro IMMEDIATELY.

And also, this is a tool that requires no downloads, which means that you just need access to the internet; then login to the PPH site, and check the latest data from your players using any smart device.


Website For Players

Next in our How To Become A Bookie Now guide is information on the services for your players.

And we’re starting with the pay per head website for players.

This is a site where your clients can get their action using a simple user name and password.

This means that the PPH Shop never requests the personal data from your clients.

And this single factor alone can serve as a powerful recruiting tool to expand your bookmaking portfolio more easily.

Another outstanding recruiting factor is that you can count with your own CUSTOM WEBSITE!

This is a site that’s going to be available only for your own players.

Plus you get to pick the design and the name of the site.

And, you don’t get to pay for expensive overhead costs associated to running a fully working wagering and gambling site!

All in all, a pay per head custom site it’s definitely win-win for you and your players.

And all you need to do to get it is to pay a ONE-TIME extra fee!


Online Casino

It’s time in our How To Become A Bookie Now guide to talk about online casino solutions.

This is a service that you can easily get from your favorite pay per head shop by paying an extra weekly fee.

After you request this service, the gambling area of the PPH website will become available for your players; allowing you to double your profits in a very easy way.


Phone Betting

Next in our How To Become A Bookie Now guide is info on phone solutions.

This is a service that allows your players to get direct access to a modern offshore call center located in Costa Rica.

From here, skilled pro agents will process the sports and horse betting action of your customers.

And what’s really amazing about this service is that it works with a toll free number.

This is a number the PPH Shop will assign exclusively for your own players.

In other words: You get your own 1-800 number!

And needless to say, this is another great tool that will help you recruit players effortlessly.

But what’s most importantly, this is a service that’s always going to be available and free for your players.

AVAILABLE because they can call 24-7, and FREE because they’ll always be dialing your custom 1-800 number…


How To Become A Bookie Now: Learning And Funds

Next in our How To Become A Bookie Now guide is to get back to the important topics of learning and getting funds.

If you really want to sound like a real pro in front of new prospective clients, or if you want to take the right decisions, you definitely need the right knowledge.

And the only way to get it is to take the time to learn.
You don’t have to become a pro at anything; but the more skills you accumulate, the better results you’ll get for your operation.

And you also need some startup funds to pay the eventual winner.

But this is only until you’re able to pay winners out of your own profits.

And you can get this cash from someone you know, like a friend or family member.

Or you can even partner up with an external investor in order to assume less risk.


As you can see in our How To Become A Bookie Now now, all you need to be successful as an agent is to find the right pay per head company, contact them, and get a TRIAL PERIOD…

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