How To Become A Bookie: A Guide to Pay per Head and Success

Experts agree, that learning How To Become A Bookie can give you a strong advantage over other local agents…

How To Become A Bookie: A Guide to Pay per Head and Success
How To Become A Bookie: A Guide to Pay per Head and Success

The process is simple:

First of all, you need to get the knowledge and the startup funds…

Then you get pay per head offshore services…

And finally you start promoting your business…

That’s it!

On this valuable, yet easy guide, you’ll learn:

  • What kind of knowledge you need
  • Where to get the cash you need to get started
  • How to get pay per head services to process all the data and manage everything
  • How to promote your business to grow your profits steadily

So, if you want to quadruple your profits in an inexpensive way, this is the perfect guide for you…


Let’s get started with the steps on How To Become A Bookie:

  • Get The Knowledge
  • Get Startup Funds
  • Sign Up for Pay per Head Services


Step 1: Get The Knowledge

If you want to learn How To Become A Bookie, you can start with the right knowledge.

This includes:

  • Everything related to sports betting
  • How to get clients, and keep them


Everything related to sports betting

If you want to get the edge over your players, you need to learn everything about sports and wagers…

Here’s a great video explaining the concepts of sports betting, money line, spreads, and totals:

This next video shows you what straight bets and parlays are:

On this video you can check what progressive parlays and teasers are:

Here’s a video explaining what if bets and futures are:

After learning about the different concepts related to wagering, it’s also important to get some info on what is a bookie, and what his functions are… Here’s a video with a brief explanation:


How to get clients, and keep them

Another important part of being a top bookmaking agent is to learn how to get clients, and keep them in your business portfolio.

To do this, you need to work with a laser-focus mentality.

You also need to learn how to manage and deal with people.

Another skill you want to nurture when learning How To Become A Bookie is that of sales, as you need to ABC: Always Be Selling your business to others!

Find more helpful information on this video:


Now, once you get those clients, you need to keep them satisfied. In fact that should be your top goal as a bookmaker!

If you fail to please your customers, they will simply leave to play with a different agent…

And that’s a scenario you don’t want to face…

Learn more about it on this useful video:


Step 2: Get Startup Funds

The second step when learning How To Become A Bookie is to get startup funds.

You need to count with some cash when you start your operation.

And the reason for this is because you need to always pay your clients on time, as that allows you to keep a positive image that can attract more clients your way…

So, here are the ways in which you can get the money you need:

  • Personal bank account: If you count with this cash, then use it; as this means that you won’t need to pay any cash back to anybody, and so all the profits are going to be yours to keep.
  • Investors: You can also get this money from an external investor. This is someone that can give you the funds you need in exchange for a mere profit, or for a combination of profits and a partnership.
  • Family and Friends: Or you can also get this cash from someone close to you, like a family member, or even a friend (or a friend of a friend!).

For more info about it, check out this video:


Step 3: Sign Up for Pay per Head Services

The third step when learning How to Become A Bookie is to get pay per head offshore services.

This guarantees that:

  • Your players will count with the tools they need to get their action by themselves
  • You’ll get access to high tech bookie software to monitor all the action as it’s taking place

Here’s a video that explains how price per head solutions work:


Pay per Head for players

There are two services for your customers:

  • Online wagering and gambling: This is a website where your players can get their action on sports. Or, if you pay an extra fee per week, they can also play online casino games. All they need is a simple alias and password, and access to the web, as this is a service that requires no downloads.
  • Betting over the phone: This is a service that allows your customers to place wagers on horses and sports. With their users and passwords, your clients can dial a toll free number; and bet all they want with the help of skilled multilingual clerks operating from Costa Rica.

Here’s a sample video of the online casino services offered by a top PPH Shop:


Pay per Head for agents

Learning How To Become A Bookie also involves getting familiarized with the sportsbook software for agents…

This is the tool that allows you to check all the action from your players in real time. And everything is shown using simple and modern agent reports.

You can also edit individual accounts. This allows you to open or close accounts in seconds, increase or decrease credit or betting limits.

And even though the PPH Shop provides great lines, you can also edit any lines you want; or even create new lines from scratch…

Check out the following video for more info on this outstanding tool for agents:



Now, once you’ve gone through the steps of learning How To Become A Bookie, it’s time to move forward, to expand…

And you do this is by hiring the right team of sub-agents that can work under your wing, promoting your operation in other regions.

Learn more about this, and about working with other third-party services in the video below:


Expanding also means to get new customers! In fact, this should be your priority as a top bookmaker.

Here’s a video with some ideas on how, and where to recruit new customers:


So, take your time and learn what you need to learn on How To Become A Bookie, then contact the right PPH company, and sign up to get a free week of services…

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