How to Become a Bookmaker: The Fundamental Manual

Are you looking for information on how to become a bookmaker? This tested and fundamental, yet easy-to-digest manual can help you.

How to Become a Bookmaker: The Fundamental Manual
How to Become a Bookmaker: The Fundamental Manual


How to Become a Bookmaker: Factors


Here we describe some of the factors that can make you a successful sports betting and gaming entrepreneur.


Discretion Matters

Learning how to become a bookmaker involves the area of privacy and security. As a sports bookie, you want to be as discrete as possible.

We recommend you to start offering your wagering and gambling services to people that you know. This includes your family, your friends, and other acquaintances you trust.

The reason for this is because you want your pay per head sportsbook business to remain as low key as possible.

This gives you the advantage of security. And also prevents local competitors from even knowing that you are taking wagers and offering pph poker in the community.



Of course, learning how to become a bookmaker also involves expansion. If your price per head bookie software business remains the same, and you don’t add new clients, you run the risk of failing.

Now, since privacy and security is a delicate matter, you can focus on a referrals model for your current working plan.

You can compensate your current clients for referring new customers to you.

And, the way in which you provide compensations for referrals is entirely up to your personal strategy.

Of course, the better the incentive and the rewards, the more encouraged your clients will feel about referring people to you. Especially good prospects.

Indeed, you want to work with as many old-time clients as possible because they have proven to be reliable. And the people they refer to you are great because they have gone through a filter.

This means two things:

  • A-The client is a good source of income.
  • B-The client is reliable.


Pay per Head Services

Learning how to become a bookmaker also includes working with an offshore price per head bookie solutions provider.

The reason is because you are using a third party to do the data processing work for you.

A pay per head services package includes:

  • Year-round access to a 24-7 offshore call center.
  • A personal 800 number that is linked to the offshore call center so players can wager over the phone.
  • A personalized sports betting and gaming website so players can get their action online.
  • Full access to in-house sportsbook software.
  • Among many other things.

All these advantages mean that while your customers play in a safe and secure environment, you can relax at home and check their wagering activity.

And you can do this without having to interact with your clients in a direct way at any time.

For example, let’s say that there is a game on the board. If you decide to watch the game, you can check your bookmaking software and see how the action of your clients moves in real time.

This real-time monitoring feature is great because you can make adjustments to balance limits or to specific accounts of clients in determining moments that can save you a lot of money and hassles.


Online Clients

Learning how to become a bookmaker is not complete without learning about online clients.

Getting clients from the web can be a bit tricky. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get access to a lot of outstanding prospects!

If you really want to get players and pph poker players from the internet, you need to be prepared to invest some time.

This is because you will need to turn into a frequent visitor of a number of web communities.

These are online sites where prospective clients usually hang out.

You can visit forums, chats, and become an active participant of social media.

When you do this, you can create familiarity. And when people perceive you in a familiar way, it is easy to earn their trust.

This is of course very important for you as a sports betting and gaming entrepreneur because you want to turn an online friendship into a client.

In other cases, you can opt for being as anonymous as you want, and still get online clients.

For example, you can offer your pay per head sportsbook services through an online forum for sports bettors, and you can get some great leads from that effort.


Piles of Clients

Keeping separate piles of clients for online or referred clients is a great idea.

Ideally you should keep your piles of clients as follows:

  • Referred Clients NEW
  • Referred Clients Regular
  • Online Clients NEW
  • Online Clients Regular

When you split your clients this way, it gives you enough time to see who’s reliable, and who’s not.

For example, you sign a new client over the web, but the person doesn’t pay when he losses.

This person belongs to the Referred Clients New pile.

And the person is never going to make it to the Referred Clients Regular pile.

The reason is because you will remove the person from your bookmaking and casino portfolio before that happens.


Working with an Assistant, Collections, Third Party Services

If you are trying to learn how to become a bookmaker because you like the freedom factor, you definitely need to work with an assistant.

This is an individual that is going to take care of both important and less meaningful tasks for you.



This assistant can also serve as your local money collector, allowing you to disengage from your clients even more.

When it comes to collect or pay money to your online customers, for privacy purposes, you can do it this way:

Get the client to use an unknown third party to send you cash, and you offer the person to pay for the money transfer commission.

Then, you do the same on your end. And, this will allow you to never exchange cash directly with your online customers.


Third Party Services

Also, don’t forget to hire any third party services you may need to make your pay per head sportsbook even more productive and profitable. This includes the services of an accountant, and a good business manager.


If you really invest some time into learning how to become a bookmaker, your chances to acquire success are even higher.

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