How To Open a Sportsbook: Pay per Head Advantages for Bookies

If you want to learn How To Open a Sportsbook, it all starts by signing up for Pay per Head services.

How To Open a Sportsbook: Pay per Head Advantages for Bookies
How To Open a Sportsbook: Pay per Head Advantages for Bookies

Without these sports betting and gaming solutions, it’s impossible for the average bookmaking agent to remain competitive.

This is because to build or buy wagering and gambling software is very expensive.

So, the only way for an agent to acquire great profits is to work with a third-party bookie software provider.

This way, the top bookmaker and his players get access to high-quality sportsbook software services.

And at a great price per head for the agent.


How To Open a Sportsbook: The Top Advantages of Pay per Head


These are the top advantages of working with a PPH offshore services provider:

  • Custom website
  • Call center services
  • Total support
  • Fully online
  • Wagering and gambling solutions


Advantage 1. Custom website

If you want to know How To Open a Sportsbook; you definitely need to start by learning about custom websites.

This is site that is provided by the PPH shop. And it includes everything a player may possibly need to have fun, and make you a profit on a regular basis.

Now, when you sign up with a Pay per Head company, you get access to standard online solutions.

This means that your players get to wager on a site that’s shared by different bookmaking agents and their respective customers.

That’s all good. And if you want to save even more cash; the standard online service is certainly one that can work for your operation.

However, if you really want to make the difference and have a competitive edge over your competitors; you should consider acquiring a custom site.

This is a website that includes its own domain name, and the site theme of your choice.

This means that you can pick any name you want for your Pay per Head site. And, you can also pick the design!

So, you’re getting a full wagering and gambling solution without having to pay for hosting or for software development services.

With that said, the agent is getting a great deal that saves him cash. And allows him to make even more money in a very easy way.


Advantage 2: Call center services

When learning about How To Open a Sportsbook, the second most important advantage to mention are call center services.

Such solutions are provided by the Pay per Head shop from its own offshore offices.

This call center is likely located in a country such as Costa Rica.

The reason for this is because this country counts with all the services and personnel to run a reputable PPH offshore company.

And, since overhead costs are lower, the price per head business is able to save on that area; to then invest on technology and the best human talent. All in the benefit of the agent.

This guarantees the best of services for players when they call in to get their action.

So, when a player uses the phone service to place bets; he gets to interact with a skilled wagering clerk.

This is an individual who knows exactly how to process a call for the full satisfaction of the customer.

And, players never have to wait on hold as calls are taken care of in a fast way!


Advantage 3: Total support

This is the third top advantage that you should get familiarized with when learning How To Open a Sportsbook.

When you sign up with a reputable price per head shop; you will immediately get a team of professionals to work in the benefit of your operation.

This includes unlimited support for you as a bookie, and also for your customers.

This means that you can always get a hold of someone at the PPH company to help you out with any given situation.

And the same goes for your players: they can reach out to the Pay per Head shop any time they want to check out the information related to their accounts.

This support service is free of course. And is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Advantage 4: Fully online

The process of learning How To Open a Sportsbook also includes information on online capabilities.

This means that the services provided by the Pay per Head shop are fully mobile.

So, both the agent and his players can use such solutions on-the-go, all the time.

With that said, it’s import for a bookmaking agent to sign up with a PPH Shop that can offer him good mobile services.

This is because if players aren’t able to place their wagers or play casino games due to things such as interrupted connections; they will leave the bookie to get their action with a different agent.


Advantage 5: Wagering and gambling solutions

When learning about How To Open a Sportsbook it’s also important to talk about wagering and gambling solutions.

Indeed, when an agent signs up with a Pay per Head shop, he gets access to both sports betting and gaming services.

So, the agent is able to double his profits by offering casino games to his bettors.

It’s good to point out that most reputable PPH Shops offer a gambling service as an extra.

In other words, when the agent signs up, his players get automatic access to wagering online and over the phone.

And, if the bookie wants to, he can go a step beyond and request a casino solution.

This gaming service is offered as an extra. But the money the agent pays for it it’s totally worth it due to the outstanding profits that the bookie can get.

Both of these solutions complement each other very well as they’re quite attractive for bettors and gamblers alike.

So, the agent can actually sign up a bettor and then turn it into a gambler, and vice versa.

This is great because it means that the bookie can not only promote himself as a top bookmaker; but also as a gaming services provider.


As you can see, getting information, and access to the best Pay per Head services; is exactly what an agent needs when learning How To Open a Sportsbook.

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