How To Set Up A Sportsbook EASY With Pay Per Head Services

Just imagine yourself learning How To Set Up A Sportsbook effortlessly…

How To Set Up A Sportsbook EASY With Pay Per Head Services
How To Set Up A Sportsbook EASY With Pay Per Head Services

No need to hire clerks, no need to pay for office space, no need to pay for other expensive overhead costs, yet you can make BIG PROFITS…

Wouldn’t that be great?

And most noteworthy, how it’s done?

Here’s how:

It’s all about working with PAY PER HEAD SOLUTIONS…

Let us explain…

These are data processing offshore services, provided by a Pay Per Head company.

This PPH Shop counts with a modern call center located in Costa Rica.

From these offices, this PPH company processes the action of your players.

And there are two services offered so that your clients can place their bets:

  • Over the phone
  • Online

Furthermore, all you need to do to get these solutions is to pay AN AFFORDABLE WEEKLY FEE.

This is a fee that you pay per active client, every week.

So, for example, if you have 100 clients, and only 75 placed bets during a given week, then you only pay for those 75, and not for the 25 inactive players.

In other words: you only pay this fee to the PPH Shop when you make money yourself!


How To Set Up A Sportsbook With These PPH Services

Now it’s time to check out How To Set Up A Sportsbook using these amazing bookie software services:

First of all, you need to contact the right PPH Shop.

Once you do that, you’ll get A FREE TRIAL WEEK.

After that week, if you’re satisfied, you can proceed to sign up with the PPH company long-term.

Then, you need to create usernames and passwords and assign those to your players.

Once you’ve handled those aliases and passwords to your customers, it’s time to check out how money starts flowing your way automatically…

After this step, you won’t have to move a muscle to process the bets of your players because everything will be done for you…

Your clients will be getting their action…


Over the phone

Learning How To Set Up A Sportsbook without access to a call center it’s impossible…

The reason is because phone wagering is a good sign for players that they’re dealing with a top bookmaking agent.

Plus, there are many big players that enjoy the phone experience more than online sports betting.

And for this reason, you need to work with a PPH Shop that offers your customers premium call center services.

Indeed, if you’re dealing with a top PPH company, this is what you can expect to get:

  • Your own 1-800 number: Your players will never have to pay a single cent for their wagering calls. And that’s because you’ll get your own toll free number, which will be available only to your own clients, and nobody else.
  • 24-7 services: Experienced clerks are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that day or night, there always going to be someone there to get the action of your players.
  • Multilingual services: You can offer your bookie solutions not only to English-speaking players but also to those that speak Chinese or Spanish…



Indeed learning How To Set Up A Sportsbook also involves access to web betting.

If you’re an agent that wants the latest online technology for your clients, a PPH Shop offers you this and more.

Your players will get access to a website where they can get their action with full discretion and privacy.

And also with a lot of security, because they only need a simple user and password.

This means that their info is always safe in your hands and never goes online.

Needless to say, this is a factor that can help you attract a lot of new customers.

And the reason is because players love the idea of not getting their names involved with their sports betting and gaming entertainment.

Now, when you sign up, your players only get access to the wagering area.

So, you’ll need to pay an extra weekly fee so that they can also get access to the online casino area.

With that said, getting this gambling solution is essential if you want to become a top bookmaker.

And the reason is because most bettors also play casino games.

And the majority of these players prefer to get their gambling and sports betting action with the same agent.

So, needless to say, you need to count with both of these solutions to be able to keep your current clients, and easily attract new ones.

Then, once you’ve learned How To Set Up A Sportsbook for your players, it’s time to start getting rich with their wagering and gaming activities…

And you can easily check all that massive action using your…


Bookie Software

Learning How To Set Up A Sportsbook is definitely not complete without info on the tool you’ll be using to check all the action of your players.

This bookie software comes with more than 20 standard and advanced reports, which shows you exactly what’s going on with the activity of your clients.

These reports are amazing not only because they’re fully accurate, but also because they offer LIVE DATA.

This means that you can always see up-to-the-second fresh information; allowing you to take the best decisions that can save you, or make you more cash.

With this tool, you can also plan your course of action in a better way…

With this sportsbook software, you can also manage the accounts of your players without a problem.

You can open or close an account within seconds.

And you can also set all sorts of limits for risk amounts and wagering types.

Plus, you can manage the wagering lines provided by the PPH company…


And all you need to do to get all of these amazing tools for your sports betting and gaming operation is to contact the right PPH Shop…

So, if you want to learn How To Set Up A Sportsbook you can start by getting your free trial week, and start enjoying the benefits of working with Pay Per Head now…

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