How to Start a Bookie Business: Tips for Meeting with Prospects

If you want to learn how to start a bookie business, you definitely need to become a bookmaker that can get the most out of a meeting.

How to Start a Bookie Business: Tips for Meeting with Prospects
How to Start a Bookie Business: Tips for Meeting with Prospects

This can be either a casual one-on-one with a prospective sports betting or pph poker client; or even an important dinner with a prospective long-term partner or angel investor.

No matter who you’re meeting with, what you really want to avoid at all costs are poorly planned meetings.


How to Start a Bookie Business: Best Tips for Meetings


So, to get you started with some insightful information, here are some of the best tips for meeting with prospects:


Limit the Number of Individuals Assisting the Meeting

When there’s too much people in the room, it can indeed get very confusing. Especially when you’re trying to explain your point of view to many minds at the same time.

For this reason, limit the number of assistants to a given meeting related to your bookmaking and casino operation.

It is doubtlessly easier to transmit what you want to communicate to a small number of individuals. And, it is also easier to get a positive response to your ideas or requests.

Think about it this way: If you are having a lunch, and you have just one medium, 8-slice pizza pie; you are not going to invite 20 people to share it. This is because you simply don’t have enough!

The same applies to the assistants of a meeting: you have just so much to negotiate, and chances are that you only need to deal with a few individuals, or even a single person.

So, when trying to conduct a meeting, make sure only the people that needs to be there will be there.


Don’t Use PowerPoint

If you want to know how to start a bookie business, and be successful at it, you need to take your time to learn your stuff.

This means that when you meet with either a prospective sports betting or pph poker player; you need to be able to sale your pay per head sportsbook and online casino services effortlessly. And directly from your memory.

In other words, if you did your homework, there’s no reason why you need to make use of a powerpoint presentation to help prove your point. Especially when letting prospects know why using custom bookie software makes your job as a top bookmaker so much easier.

On the other hand, when you use a powerpoint presentation, you are giving others the impression that you simply don’t have the will to do some thinking of your own.

And this can be a negative factor, for example, when it comes to convincing a prospective partner or investor to follow your lead.


Appointing a Specific Person to Be the Leader

Are you going to be the top person in the room? This is probably the case if you are meeting with a prospective sports betting or pph poker customer.

However, if you are meeting with someone that can turn into a partner, or who can invest in your pay per head sportsbook operation; it is probably better to bring in a neutral party that can serve as the intermediary between the parts.

Alternatively, you and the other party can pick a mutual individual to be in charge.

Also, instead of picking someone to be a meeting leader, you can also appoint someone that can be the main decision maker.

And, if you choose this path, you will again need to pick the person in agreement with the other party involved in the negotiation.


Go Fully Prepared

If you are not prepared, it is pointless to assist to a meeting. This is a crucial factor to embrace if you want to learn how to start a bookie business.

This may sound like a no-brainer to you; but the case is that it is not uncommon to find people that goes to important, even crucial meetings, without knowing their stuff in full.

Also, you can send material that you consider appropriate in advance to individuals that are going to assist to the meeting.

This allows you to expose your point of view or ideas beforehand; giving the other party the opportunity to analyze your proposal.

By doing this, you can jump straight to what’s important once the meeting starts. Allowing you to appear more dynamic and decided.



To avoid using powerpoint presentations is one thing; and a very different one is to draw. To understand this is also very important when it comes to learning how to start a bookie business; and getting the most out of meetings.

If appropriate, bring in a notebook and a pen, and start to draw as you speak. Allowing the other party to get a visual perspective of you sports betting and pph poker operation.

Visual representations are very powerful indeed. And using them as a tool to explain your ideas is really good. This is because you are doing it straight from your mind. And this gives others the impression that you really know what you’re talking about.


Stand Up

According to many leaders, standing up while meeting with a prospective sports betting player, partner or investor is more efficient to get positive results.

The reason is because when you’re standing, this is really the quickest way of transmitting your ideas because you aren’t wasting time. You are indeed avoiding any possible distractions, going straight to the point.

Alternatively, you can agree to meet with the other party at a place where you both can take a walk.

Leaders also believe this is very beneficial, especially when it comes to transmitting your ideas to, and convincing a small group.


As you can see, to meet with a prospect, and get your desired results takes more than just agreeing to a time and place.

You need to make sure everything falls in place. As this will give you that desirable advantage that can allow you to get the most out of the meeting.

So, when learning how to start a bookie business, take advantage of the above tips in order to run, and assist to meetings where everyone is satisfied.

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