How To Start a Sportsbook Business, Pay per Head Bookie Tips

If you’re looking for information on how to start a sportsbook business, you’re in the right place.

How To Start a Sportsbook Business, Pay per Head Bookie Tips
How To Start a Sportsbook Business, Pay per Head Bookie Tips

Nowadays, starting a sports betting and gaming business is not complicated at all.

And this is because bookmaking agents now count with outstanding service tools, mainly Pay per Head sportsbook software.

These wagering and gambling tools and services really empowers the bookie; and keeps players always satisfied, and willing to play on a regular basis.


How to Start a Sportsbook: The Steps

Learning how to start a sportsbook business requires just a few simple steps. That, when combined with the right amounts of patience and determination; can lead to incredibly positive results.


Step 1: Get Pay per Head Services

Doubtlessly, the first thing you need to do as a new bookmaking agent; when learning how to start a sportsbook business, is to obtain Pay per Head services.

These are the tools that will allow you, as a bookie, to grow your sports betting and gaming business. And includes the following:

  • Bookie Software
  • Custom reports
  • Custom website
  • Access to call center
  • Online casino


Pay per Head Bookie Software

This is the data management tool that makes it possible for the top bookmaker to keep an eye on the action of his sports betting players. And getting it is the very first thing a bookie must do when learning how to start a sportsbook business.

With this Pay per Head bookie software, the bookmaking agent can check on the live action of his clients.

This means that the bookmaker is able to check what’s going on with the wagering action of his players in real time.

And, this is quite advantageous; as it allows the bookie to take smart decisions that can save him cash; right at the time when he needs to do so.

For example, the top bookmaker can catch some wise action taking place; and using his sportsbook software, he can immediately block such account in order to prevent unwanted losses; and keep his good reputation intact at the same time.


Custom Reports and Lines

Apart from being able to open or shutting down accounts, the top bookmaker must also be able to customize the reports from the bookie software; and also move his own wagering lines.

Although a reputable Pay per Head shop provides an outstanding lines service; and its action reports offer a large variety of data, the bookie must have the option of customizing both the reports and the wagering lines.

This is because even though action reports may contain a lot of information and may be very user friendly; some bookmaking agents may only want to check on some data, and not all of it.

The bookie must also have the option of creating custom wagering lines. He should be able to move the current lines offered by the Pay per Head shop; or create his own sports betting and horse racing lines from scratch.

Indeed, learning how to start a sportsbook business definitely involves learning how to use custom reports and lines.


Custom Website

A custom website brings the personalization element to the forefront of the Pay per Head sportsbook operation.

This is because when a bookie counts with a custom website, he can grow his online sports betting and gaming business based on his own brand.

Doubtlessly, this makes it possible for the bookmaking agent to compete head-to-head with large online sportsbooks.

And, this is a great advantage for local sports bettors; as many of them prefer to hand out their cash to a local bookie than to provide their credit card information to an online sportsbook.

A custom website must include its own domain name (for example; and it must also feature a custom design for the site.

Now, in general, a reputable Pay per Head shop offers a generic website for all players. So, if a bookie is interested in a custom website, this option is most likely available; but for an extra price.

Although this particular solution may cost the bookie some extra cash, it is totally worth it; as it really helps the wagering and gambling business of the top bookmaker to stand out from the rest. So, counting with this Pay per Head service is also definitely key when learning how to start a sportsbook operation.


Access to Call Center

Getting access to a call center is one of the main reasons a bookie decides to work with a Pay per Head shop. So, working with one is also a big deal when learning how to start a sportsbook business.

This is because the call center offshore services provided by the PPH shop perfectly complement online solutions.

Indeed, there are many old school bettors whom are fond of calling in for their wagering action. And, it is not uncommon that these old schoolers are the ones bringing the most profits for the bookmaking agent.

So, to count with a 24/7 high-tech call center Pay per Head service for these individuals is paramount.

With that said, a call center solution is not exclusively for old school sports betting players. And this is because many online players may also want to call in for their action from time to time; or when they are just unable to get their wagering action over the web.


Online Casino

Learning how to start a sportsbook business is not complete without adding an online casino solution.

This is because, as a bookie, you don’t want your sports betting players to take their action somewhere else.

So, for an extra weekly Pay per Head fee, the bookie can integrate this solution to his wagering operation; allowing him to increase his profits in an effortless way; and promote client loyalty at the same time.


Step 2: Hire Collaborators

The second crucial step on learning how to start a sportsbook operation is to hire the right collaborators.

Although a Pay per Head shop offers the bookie all the data management resources and personnel he requires; there are other individuals that are also very important for the success of the wagering and gambling business.

Main collaborators of a PPH sportsbook operation may include:

  • Sub-agents
  • An accountant
  • An assistant


Sub Sports Betting Agents:

These are the ones that are going to act as the face of the bookie in different regions of the country; or overseas.

These sub-agents can work as direct partners of the top bookmaker; or they can also be paid by commissions.

What’s important is that these individuals will be in charge of bringing new clients as regularly as possible.

And, they will also be in charge of paying winners, and collecting from losers.


An Accountant

Even though a bookie may like numbers, to take care of all the figures related to his wagering and gambling operation can be a tiresome task.

So, hiring a specialist that can help with this part of the sports betting and gaming operation is crucial.


A Personal Assistant

A bookie’s main goals can sometimes clash with other relatively less important business tasks.

So, counting with an assistant to help with the things that aren’t at the top of the bookmaker’s priorities list; but that are still relevant for acquiring success, is crucial.


Step 3: Grow the Business

Once the top bookmaker has acquired Pay per Head services, and has hired the right collaborators; the only mission for the sports betting agent from that point forward is to grow his business.

Although the bookie may have a good portfolio of clients, and his customer solutions are very high-quality; there will always be players that will not be satisfied with the services they are being presented with.

So, it is the mission of the bookmaking agent to always be on the look for new customers.

Now, it is up to the bookie if he wants to help his sub-agents to get clients; or if instead he wants to leave the full task in the hands of sub-agents in order to enjoy more of his free time.


As you can see, learning how to start a sportsbook business takes 3 simple steps, and it all begins with a simple phone call to a top Pay per Head shop.

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