How to Start a Wagering Business: Getting Pay per Head Services

Understanding how Pay per Head services can help you is at the heart of learning How to Start a Wagering Business.

How to Start a Wagering Business: Getting Pay per Head Services
How to Start a Wagering Business: Getting Pay per Head Services

The reason is because these are the solutions that will help you run your operation seamlessly, and effortlessly.


How to Start a Wagering Business: Getting Pay per Head Services

If you’ve been a bookie for a while, but continues to manage your sports betting operation the old school way; getting Pay per Head services is your next step.

This is because these are the bookmaking solutions that can really make the difference for your business.

Allowing you to manage everything successfully, and with the least of efforts.

Now, if you want to get the best PPH offshore services, you need to sign up with a reputable price per head shop located in Costa Rica.

The reason for this is because this is the country where the top PPH Shops in the world are located.

And, once you become a client of one of these reputable PPH companies; these are the services you and your players will be able to enjoy of:

  • Bookie software
  • Sports betting website
  • Call center access


Bookie software

This is the main tool you’ll be using to manage your full operation. And, by using this bookie software, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Keep an eye on wagering and gambling action
  • Edit players’ accounts at will
  • Manage the wagering menu provided by the PPH Shop
  • Manage your sub-agents


Keep an eye on wagering and gambling action

This sportsbook software allows you to check every single piece of action from your players. This is very important to understand when learning How to Start a Wagering Business.

By using this tool, you can check all the wagers and casino plays from your clients.

And what’s great about it is that all the info presented to you is shown in real time.

This means that the data related to a given wager or casino play is immediately available to you.

So, you can always check all the wagers that are being placed, as they’re being placed.

And this is really good because it allows you to check for any wiseguy action. Saving you a lot of cash, and making you some extra more.

And, all the info is shown in different reports, all of which are very easy to understand.


Edit players’ accounts at will

Another aspect worthy of checking when learning How to Start a Wagering Business is account editing.

Using this data management tool for bookies, you’re able to edit all the information from your players’ accounts. This means that you’re able to:

  • Open or close accounts at will
  • Increase or decrease wagering limits for one or all of your customers
  • Edit the account balance
  • And so much more!

Now, it’s important to recall that you really want to have as much freedom as possible; and this is only possible when you work side by side with a top Costa Rica Pay per Head shop.


Manage the wagering menu provided by the PPH Shop

This is another feature that’s important to mention when learning How to Start a Wagering Business.

Working with a top PPH Shop from Costa Rica means that your players are going to get the best possible lines.

And such lines are created and maintained by the PPH Shop’s professional line movers.

In other words: When you work with the right price per head company; there’s really no need for you to get involved with the lines at all.

With that said, the lines offered to your clients are completely editable.

This means that you can edit any line you want, at any given time (according to standard wagering rules).

And this is good because you may want to edit a line here and there from time to time.

For example, you may have a VIP player that is asking you for a special line that’s not available to other customers.

And, you can actually edit the line, and make your client happy, allowing you to keep the action of such an important player.


Manage your sub-agents

This is another aspect that’s important to bring on when learning How to Start a Wagering Business.

If you’re the kind of top bookmaker that works with sub-agents, you can easily manage their activity using your bookmaking software.

Now, you can opt for allowing your sub-agents to access your bookie software.

This means that you’ll save yourself the hassle of having to input sub-agent information.

Instead, when you grant your sub-agents access to your management tool; all you have to do is to check the information that was entered into the system.


Sports betting website

When learning How to Start a Wagering Business, it’s also important to mention the services destined to your players.

The main of these solutions is a fully working sports betting website.

This is the site your players will be using to get their action online.

And this is a very user-friendly service that requires no training at all.

This means that as soon as you sign up with the right PPH Shop; you can hand your players their respective user names and passwords so they can start getting their action.

Now, you can get the standard site, or you can pay a one-time extra fee in order to get your own custom site; allowing you to easily enhance your brand as an agent.

And, for a weekly extra fee, you can also get your own online casino! Allowing you to get the gambling action (and outstanding profits) of your customers.


Call center access

Last but not least, when you sign up with a top PPH Shop, your players automatically get access to the best call center solutions.

This is a service that’s provided by specialized, multilingual clerks.

And, it is totally free of charges for your players because they’ll be dialing a toll free number.

This is also a solution that’s available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Although online betting is more popular now, there are still many players that enjoy getting their action over the phone.

And many of these phone customers are VIP’s! So, this is definitely a service you want to count with.


As you can see, learning How to Start a Wagering Business involves getting the best possible Pay per Head services, and such solutions can be easily obtained from a top Costa Rica price per head shop.

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