How To Start An Online Casino In 3 Easy Steps with Pay per Head

Learning How To Start An Online Casino involves becoming a client of a pay per head offshore services

How To Start An Online Casino In 3 Easy Steps with Pay per Head
How To Start An Online Casino In 3 Easy Steps with Pay per Head


This is doubtlessly the best, and easiest way to start running a sports betting and gaming operation.


How To Start An Online Casino: The Steps

Once you get the startup funds, it only takes a few steps to actually go from planning, to start getting the action of players.

So, if you want to learn How To Start An Online Casino and sportsbook; here are the steps you can take to do it:


First Step: Get the Knowledge

Learning How To Start An Online Casino begins by acquiring the necessary knowledge.

You can start by learning all you can about sports betting and gaming.

This includes learning all the wagering types, and as much as possible about casino games, including PPH Poker.

You also need to learn the math related to betting. You don’t have to become a math expert. All you need is to understand the figures related to your wagering and gambling operation.

If you really want to go beyond what’s necessary, you can also add some additional learning lessons on other subjects. This can include:

  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Client relationships
  • Sales



Learning some business basics can definitely allow you to run your wagering and gambling operation in a better way.

So, although its not necessary, this subject can be very helpful when learning How To Start An Online Casino and sportsbook.



If you start your own operation, hiring an accountant is a must.

However, you can also learn some accounting on your own; so you get a better perspective of the work your accountant is doing.


Client relationships

Getting along with your clients is also crucial for the success of your sports betting and gaming company.

It is paramount that you build healthy relationships with each one of your players.

So, taking some time to learn about how to interact with your customers can only do your business good.



Now, as a bookmaking and gambling entrepreneur, learning some sales is also going to benefit your operation greatly.

And this is because you need to get clients on a regular basis.

First to grow the business, and second to replace those customers that don’t return.


Second Step: Get Pay per Head Services

The second step to take when learning How To Start An Online Casino is to get pay per head services.

A PPH shop can provide the top bookmaker with:

  • Bookie software
  • Call Center access
  • Online website


Bookie software

A pay per head shop can provide you with bookie software. This is a data management tool that you can use to monitor the wagering and gambling action of players.

And what’s best, this information is presented to you, the bookmaking agent, live.

So, for example, if a customer is winning a lot playing a casino game such as PPH Poker; this data is reflected automatically in your sportsbook software.

This allows you to take the best decisions that can allow you to maintain a solid level of profit growth.


Call Center access

Associating yourself with a pay per head shop not only provides you with the tools to run a successful gambling operation.

It also grant your clients access to an offshore call center where they can place bets on sports or horses.

This is certainly a great advantage as you don’t have to depend on just the profits from gambling.

Instead, you can also promote the sports betting side of the business among current and new clients.

And this will allow you to double your profits easily, and effortlessly.


Online website

An online website is where all the gaming action is going to be taking place. So, getting familiar with it is also part of learning How To Start An Online Casino.

A pay per head shop can offer you two versions of a wagering and gambling site:

  • Generic website
  • Customized website


Generic website

A generic website is a great option. This is a site that is used by the players of many bookies at the same time.

There is no problem at all with this. And actually a large portion of bookmakers utilize this incredibly useful solution.


Customized website

A customized website offers the same wagering and gambling options than the generic alternative.

However, this is a website that is only going to be used by the players of a single top bookmaker.

And because of that, the web design team at the pay per head shop also gives you the option of choosing:

  • Your favorite domain name, for example,
  • The design of the website.

When combined, these two elements really allows the bookie to work with, and promote his own brand.


Third Step: Promote the Business

Once everything is in place; the last step related to learning How To Start An Online Casino is to promote the business.

You can start by telling those close to you, such as friends and family, about your new sports betting and gaming operation.

Chances are that if they don’t become bettors themselves, they can start spreading the word of mouth about the business.

And that is exactly what you need to start signing up your first prospects.

Then, you can start getting clients outside your personal circle.

This means that you need to start promoting your wagering and gambling operation to strangers.

You can visit places where bettors tend to reunite, such as bars or sports venues.

Or, you can also hire sub-agents to do this work for you.

A sub-agent is someone that is going to be representing your business. They will be the face of your operation, but you will still be the owner.

This means that you’ll need to work a way to pay your sub-agents so they always feel satisfied; and most importantly, loyal to your sports betting and gaming operation.


As you can see, learning How To Start An Online Casino is not complicated; and if you have the startup funds and follow the above steps, you can become successful in no time at all.

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