How You Can Become A Bookie, Make a Profit, And No Involvement

If you want to know How You Can Become A Bookie and make a lot of cash without taking a single wager yourself, read on…

How You Can Become A Bookie, Make a Profit, And No Involvement
How You Can Become A Bookie, Make a Profit, And No Involvement

The secret to this is to work with the right pay per head company.

This way you can get the offshore services your need without breaking the bank.

But before contacting the right sportsbook software provider, there are a couple other steps you need to consider…


How You Can Become A Bookie: The Steps

Here’s a quick guide on How You Can Become A Bookie, explained step by step:

  • 1. Learn what you need to know
  • 2. Get the start-up cash
  • 3. Get pay per head services


1. How You Can Become A Bookie: Learn what you need to know

Learning How You Can Become A Bookie starts with some knowledge on:

  • Wagering and gambling
  • Sales and business


Wagering and gambling

If you wanna be a top bookmaking agent, you need to know how everything works, and also the slang.

You can get someone to help you, like a friend who’s a pro gambler, for example.

Or you can go online and download all the books and info you can on the subject.

You wanna do this because you want to look like a top bookmaker, so any investments are worthwhile.


Sales and business

You can also invest in some sales and business books!

This is because you want to be effective when you approach a potential new client.

If you become good at selling your story, you can end up closing a lot of new players, easily.

On the other hand, if you’re unprepared and try get new customers, you can end up disappointing yourself.

So, visit amazon, and get the most popular and effective sales books.

And even if you’re sort of good at sales, it never hurts to improve a little bit more!

So if you do have some experience, pick up some books that you believe can help you sharpen up your skills.


2. How You Can Become A Bookie: Get the start-up cash

Without any money, you can’t start a wagering and gambling business. And that is an important lesson related to learning How You Can Become A Bookie.

This is because as a top agent, you need to keep a positive image in front of your clients.

And when it comes to sports betting and gaming, a positive image means to ALWAYS pay on time.

If you manage to do this, your players will blindly trust you, and they will also be happy to tell their friends about your sportsbook and online casino services.

But how exactly can you get this cash? There are a few options:

  • Your savings account
  • From family and friends
  • From an investor


Your savings account

This is the best option. And the reason for that is because you don’t owe cash to anybody.

So, when your start to get profits, all that money is going to be all yours.


From family and friends

You can also get this cash from someone you know, or even a family member.


From an investor

Another option is to get someone to partner up with you.

This can also be a friend or a family member, but it can also be someone totally unrelated to you; such as an angel investor.

After deciding to work with a partner, make sure to know what kind of partner you want to get.

You may want to get a partner that is going to give you the cash in exchange for a profit.

In this case, you’re still assuming all the risk related to the sports betting and gaming operation.

But, you’re still taking all decisions!

On the other hand, you can opt for sharing the risk in exchange for less profits.

It’s really all up to you and your goals as a top bookmaker.


3. How You Can Become A Bookie: Get pay per head services

Now, if you want to learn How You Can Become A Bookie, this step is essential.

This is because as an agent, you want to spend the least possible in overhead costs.

And by working with a top PPH Shop from Costa Rica, you can actually get the best value for your cash.

This is because all the services provided by the PPH company are included in the weekly fee you have to pay.

And such solutions are:

  • Sportsbook software
  • Online sportsbook and casino
  • Call center access


Sportsbook software

This is the tool you’ll be using to manage everything.

It comes with many useful agent reports that can help you figure out how well you’re operation is performing versus your players.

Plus, you can also edit the accounts of your players at will.

And even though you don’t have to, you can edit the wagering lines provided by the PPH Shop, or even create your own.


Online sportsbook and casino

This is the main service for your customers.

And that’s because this is a mobile service that allows players to get their action using their favorite mobile devices.

In other words: all your clients will need is their cellphones, laptops or tablets.

Once you create an account for a new customer, all that player is required to do is to use his or her user name and password to login to the pay per head website to get some sports betting action.

Now, if you want to, you can also allow your players to have access to a fully working online casino; and that is something you really should consider in order to double your profits effortlessly.


Call center access

Another service for players, this one is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Your players are able to get their action over the phone without any restrictions, which means that they can make as many calls, and last for as long as necessary on the phone, and they will never be charged.

This is really a great solution, and one that complements the other pay per head solutions in an outstanding way.

As you can see, learning How You Can Become A Bookie is not complicated, and you can get started right away with step number one…

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