How You Can Run A Sportsbook With Pay per Head, And No Effort

Learning How You Can Run A Sportsbook starts by getting familiarized with pay per head services.

How You Can Run A Sportsbook With Pay per Head, And No Effort
How You Can Run A Sportsbook With Pay per Head, And No Effort

And the reason for that is because these are the solutions that can allow you to manage your operation effortlessly and seamlessly.


How You Can Run A Sportsbook Easily: Working with Pay per Head

If you want to learn How You Can Run A Sportsbook, the first thing is to understand what pay per head offshore services can do for you.

PPH solutions includes:

  • Bookie software
  • Sportsbook and online casino


Bookie software

This bookie software is the tool you can use to manage your players and their action.

This sportsbook software shows you all the activity of your customers using different agent reports.

And these reports are very easy to use and understand; which means that you shouldn’t be required to take any kind of training to start using them.

These reports shows you the past and present activity of your clients.

This includes all of their wagers and online casino plays.

And using this info, you can take the kind of decisions that can make you more, or save you cash.


Sportsbook and online casino

Learning How You Can Run A Sportsbook also involves getting familiarized with the price per head services for players.

These solutions are:

  • Sportsbook
  • Online casino



The sportsbook services includes access to:

  • Online wagering
  • A modern Costa Rica call center


Online wagering

This is how your sports betting players can get their action all by themselves.

And all they need is a simple user name and password, which you can create (and change if necessary) for them.

This is how it works:

Once your players get their user info, they can visit the pay per head website, and login.

What’s great is that this is a service that’s fully web-based, which means that no downloads are required.

And they can use any mobile device, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

After login in, a player can place as many bets as he wants, and since everything is user-friendly, no training is required.

When a player has placed his favorite bets, all he needs to do is to confirm them.

After that, it’s all a matter of waiting for the actual results, and check if the wagers were won or lost.

This is pretty much how this service works, and as you can see, it’s all very easy for your customers; which means that they will be always happy, and that will lead you to obtain better profits.

Now, there are two types of pay per head websites:

  • Standard site: This is the main PPH website, where the players of most bookies get their action. It’s the most affordable, and also the most popular service amongst bookmaking agents.
  • Customized site: This solution will cost you an extra ONE-TIME FEE, but that will give you access to a personal website, where only your players will be getting their action. And you can customize it using your favorite design and domain name. Doubtlessly, this is a great alternative, and an outstanding way to enhance your image as a top bookmaker.


A modern Costa Rica call center

Learning How You Can Run A Sportsbook also involves information on pay per head call center solutions.

This is the other service for your players, and one that can also help you improve your image as a bookie.

This is because your customers will be getting their action using the help of professional, skilled, clerks.

These clerks also speak more than one language, which means that you can also offer your services to players that speak Chinese or Spanish as their native tongue.

Now, you want to work with a PPH company located in Costa Rica, as that guarantees the best call center services for your players.

The reason is because Costa Rica is the country where the top price per head companies in the world are located.

So, by working with a Costa Rica pay per head shop, you can get an affordable service that will please your clients, generating the kind of profits you’re looking for.


Online casino

Learning How You Can Run A Sportsbook also involves getting info on an EXTRA service that can easily double your profits: an online casino.

This is a service that you need to get as an extra; which means that you’ll need to pay a little more every week on top of the regular PPH fee.

With that said, this is a service that will generate great profits for your operation; so you’ll have plenty of cash to pay for it.

Now, this is a solution that is also accessible via the pay per head website.

So, once you request this service from the PPH Shop, the casino area will also become available for your customers.


How You Can Run A Sportsbook: Knowledge

Apart from working with pay per head solutions, learning How You Can Run A Sportsbook also involves getting the right knowledge.

This means that you should find some mentors, or search the web for the best books on these areas:

  • Sports betting and gaming
  • Sales


Sports betting and gaming

You can search for books on these areas, but your best bet is to get this knowledge from a few mentors.

Find some good wagering and gambling pros whom can provide you with key information that will help you sound and act like a professional bookie.



As a bookmaker, your main mission will be to get new clients, so you can definitely use some sales knowledge.

The more proficient at sales you become, the easier it will be for you to close conversions; which means more clients, which means more profits!

When it comes to sales, you can also use the help of some mentors, but you can find all the knowledge you may possibly need on this subject on the web.


As you can see, learning How You Can Run A Sportsbook it’s all about working with pay per head and getting the right wisdom, so find the right PPH Shop, and get started right away.

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