Improve Bookie Website: Focus SEO Efforts on Traffic

If done the right way, you search engine optimization efforts can earn your price per head bookie website a privileged position on theimprove-bookie-website-seo-efforts-traffic SERPs, however, it is important to differentiate the means to the end as your real goal is not to come up with a high ranking, but to drive more traffic to your site.

To have a high PageRank is just a means to get more and more people to visit your bookie website, and here is some useful information about why your SEO work should be focused on traffic and some guidance on what you can do get your desired results.


Bookie Website: Avoid Spam


There are some unethical people out there whom apply spamming (cheating) in order to get good rankings and drive more traffic to their sites, but the problem is that the techniques used by such individuals are only good for a short time as once Google finds out what is going on, such sites are in risk of getting removed entirely from Google’s index because of redundant, poor-quality content.

Avoiding spam is quite beneficial because when someone visits your pay per head bookie website and finds the kind of content they were looking for they are likely to return on a regular basis to check on your updates.

On the other hand, when you use spam to trick the search engines into higher rankings, chances are that visitors might get upset when they arrive to your site as they will realize that the content that you are offering is no good at all (and they might even report your site to Google).


Take Geotargeting in Consideration

When Google includes local results on a general search, it is applying a process that is known as Geotargeting, which means that if someone is looking for agents, for example, Google will display sites for agents from everywhere and also a few for local ones.

If you want traffic to your sportsbook bookie website related to people that lives in your area and are looking for a local bookmaker, then we recommend you to optimize your site properly so when someone from your community either do a general search for bookies or searches for local listings, your site will appear on their top results either way.


Demographics Do Matter

Since you’ve created your bookie website in order to get traffic from people that you could potentially do business with, it is important that the content on your site is of interest to such individuals. You should have content that is intended for audiences between the ages of 21 to 65, as that is the general range of age for bettors.

Many people have Google accounts, and when they provide their personal data, they don’t realize that such info can later be utilized to provide them with personalized search results. For example, if someone is from New York, is older than 21 and have a browsing history related to betting, Google will take such data into consideration when providing such user with future SERP’s results.

The more personalized the data on your site, the more chances you will have of getting the kind of traffic that can turn into clients.


Useful Tip to Avoid Personalized Results when Doing SEO

You sure do want to make business with local bettors, but you also want to get new clients from everywhere, and when you do a search for your intended keywords on Google, chances are that you are getting personalized results so you really don’t know the kind of SERP results people from other areas are getting when they type the same exact keyword phrases.

If you want to optimize your site not just for local traffic but in general, you really need to see what others see, so, when you apply SEO for a given term, add this at the end of the URL in the navigation bar: &pws=0

That will make it possible for you to see general results, which will help you to optimize more accurately.

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