Keeping the Code of your Bookmaker Website Clean

A big part of building a pay per head bookmaker website that is considered friendly with Google is to keep your code clean. When we refer to the code of your site, it means computer languages such as AJAX, HTML and JavaScript (amongst others).


Understanding the Code of your Bookmaker Website


A good analogy that can facilitate the understanding of coding is building a home. Things like the floors, kitchen sink, walls, etc is like the code of your price per head bookmaker website. We are assuming that you are already familiar with code such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). If you’re not, then you can always opt for getting the help of a professional in order to simplify things and save you some valuable time.


Overall Picture

If you are currently planning your SEO strategy, then you need to have a vision of the overall picture concerning your site, and one of the most important things to start with is to streamline the code of your bookie website in order to make it easier for Google’s web crawlers to read it.


Goals and Best Practices

When it comes to search engine optimization, cleaning code means that:

  1. You need to visit every single page and verify their content using the HTML view in order to check your keyword phrases as it is quite relevant that they become visible to Google’s spiders crawl as soon as possible.
  2. Do the necessary coding with as little markup as possible. If there are any unnecessary tags in the code, make sure that you eliminate it ASAP.

In order to achieve the preceding goals, you can take advantage of best practices such as:

  1. Avoid relying on inline formatting. Instead, utilize an external CSS file in order to help you define how your bookmaker website looks like.
  2. If you’re working with JavaScript, move such code to an external JS file whenever it’s possible. Try to use the simplest calls to the JS file from pages in order to maintain the code of your site short and clean.


Eliminating Extraneous Tags

Your sportsbook website might also have strange tags within the HTML code. That type of unwanted code can be created when you cut and paste content that is coming from a different source such as old pages, MSWord documents or similar programs that automatically adds HTML code to text.

Another possible situation is that you might have been doing some work on a given page for a long time, and because of that, that specific page ends up with excessive tags that don’t serve a purpose at all any longer.

Make sure that you go through your code and do an in-depth analysis in order to remove all the weird-looking tags in order to simplify your code as much as possible with the goal of allowing Google’s web crawlers to read your pages in an easier way.


Using Notepad and Dreamweaver

There are a few programs out there that can be used to clean your code, the top ones are Notepad and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Notepad can be used by people that can easily read HTML. Just open a single page at a time in order to do the necessary adjustments (if you use linux, make sure that you save files in UNIX format).

For those of you whom are not that familiar with HTML, you can use Dreamweaver, which comes with a nice feature called WYSIWYG view (What you see is what you get) that allows users to write the HTML code as they type any text.


Avoid Complexities

If for some reason the pages of your bookmaker website look too complex for the spiders, Google is likely to rest your site some relevancy or weight, especially because messy code weakens the strength of your keyword phrases.

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