Keyword Research and Placement for your Bookie Blog

The more a Price per Head bookie learns about SEO, the more he understands the importance of keyword research. To find the right keyword-research-placement-bookie-blogphrases for which you should be optimizing for can be of great benefit for your online marketing campaign.


Bookie Blog: The Goal


The goal of keyword research is to find keywords which have high traffic. There are some keywords that are really competitive, such as Pay per Head or Sportsbook Services, but it will be quite difficult for you to rank for such terms, so your aim at first should be to focus on longer phrases in order to increase your opportunities of ranking at the top five positions for certain keyword terms.


The Value

If you really manage to find the right keyword phrases, then you’ll have the opportunity of obtaining incredibly good organic search results. The longer that you’re able to keep your bookie site with a favorable rank, the more authority it gains and this will continue to increase the value of your website in a steady basis.


The Right Way of Researching

There are many sites out there that rank high for certain terms, but sometimes the reason is because such keyword phrases are getting just a few searches a month, and what you really want as a bookie is to find the terms that will get are currently getting the highest traffic in order to become a clicking option for online users at the top of the search engines (mostly Google).

Also remember to be reasonable when doing your keyword research and try to rank your site for terms that can realistically do well in the short term but that can also give you enough high-quality traffic to sustain your online efforts.


A Combination of Factors

There are certain factors that are determining when it comes to competitiveness between niche websites, so, make sure that you combine your keyword research with the right On-Page and Off-Page Optimization because in order to have success, you really need to have a good understanding of what influences rankings.


Placing your Keywords

Once you’re done with your keyword research, then you must place them on your bookie site, but in order to get the kind of results you’re expecting you need to know exactly where to place such phrases on your web page.

Place your keywords at:

  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Keyword Tag
  • Alt Tags
  • <h1>, <h2>, and <h3> tag
  • At least one time on your online page
  • In the top 25 words of your online page
  • In the last 25 words of your online page

If you take your time with keyword placement, you will be telling Google that the keyword phrases that you are adding to your site are relevant to you and it will help you compete in a better way against sites that are not optimizing properly.

Note: An excellent way to get your keyword phrase in the last 25 words of your page is to add it to the page footer.


Keyword Density

The term Keyword Density refers to the number of times a certain keyword phrase appears on a given online page. Although most SEO experts recommend that you work with a density of 2% or 3%, it seems that this specific factor has less value nowadays when it comes to Google rankings.


Don’t do Keyword Stuffing

Many people believe that filling their websites with nothing but keyword phrases they can get to the top spots of search engine results, but the truth is that this is called keyword stuffing and it is considered an antithetical practice within the SEO community. More importantly, when you engage in such black hat SEO practices, your site will likely be penalized by Google.

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