Klout and its Benefits for Your Bookie Business

Soon enough, many of your online contacts will be using Klout to show their social media influence or to check on yours, so if you klout-benefits-bookie-businessreally want to protect the integrity of your bookie price per head betting operation with a high-graded “klout score”, open an account now and be ahead of the pack. Here is some information that can help out.


Bookie Business: What is Exactly Klout


When you sign up with Klout, the tool will calculate your influence in social media sites with a special score that goes from 1 to 100. The closer to one hundred, the better your bookie profile or persona compared to others.

To sign up, you can start by opening an account with either your Facebook or Twitter accounts and then you can sign up for other top social media sites that will help you determine better your “Klout score.”


What does “Online Influence” Means?

When your posts on social media sites create action, then you are being influential, and that is exactly what the Klout score measures: your posts and the influence they have on other users. The more people share, comment or like your posts, the higher your score will be.


Value of Klout

Some pay per head sportsbook bookies put up a lot of time and effort on inflating their Klout scores while others believe that this is just a tool that provides stats on just a part of the big picture.

Whether you believe that Klout is a top instrument to help you increase your social media popularity or not, it really won’t hurt you to open an account and keep updating it on a regular basis.

Fact: if the top names in every industry have accounts on Klout, it means that having a presence at this website is more than relevant.


Search Your Competitors

One of the great things about Klout is that it allows you to keep an eye on the competition and actually find out who your real competitors are concerning essential keywords related to your industry. For example, you can check for influencers in the areas of “gambling” or “sports betting.”

This will help you determine which people or companies have been putting an effort on trying to inflate their Klout scores based on key important terms.


It Measures Influence, Not Just Activity

Updating your Facebook or Twitter profiles 10 times a day won’t necessarily help you to have a better Klout (if that was true, then teenagers will be at the top of the ranks). The only content that has some real value for ranking consideration is that to which other users respond to. This means that if you want be considered a top influencer, you have to share content that will be viewed as useful by others.


Initiate Conversations

The more people responds to your Facebook comments for example, the better you will rank, therefore, make sure that when you are engaging in some kind of social media interaction, try to think in terms of initiating or keeping conversations going.

Let’s say that someone in your network put a comment that reads “Just placed a wager on the Broncos”, instead of answering with something like “great” or “way to go”, try to keep the comments going with something like “what do you think of the new Denver quarterback?”

To be more assertive when you place comments on Facebook or reply to Tweets can certainly influence your Klout score in a positive way.


Consider Your Timing

If you are participating in social media during fixed hours of the day such as the afternoons, try to become more active during the rest of the day in order to have an influence over different time zones. The more people you can reach, the better for your score!

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