Link Building Plan for your Bookie Blog

Once you have created your own price per head bookie blog, identified the search term that you want to rank for and have taken link-building-plan-bookie-blogsome time on developing an on-page optimization plan, then it is time for you to start focusing on link building.

Building links for your own pay per head bookie blog can be tricky: if you do it too quickly, then your site can get penalized by Google and if you do it too slowly, then you will give your competitors the edge.


Bookie Blog: Achieving Success


Here’s a good plan that you can follow to achieve success:


  • Write and Distribute a Monthly Article

Every Article that you write must contain a couple of links back to your site: One located in the author’s area and the other one located within the content itself. Once the article is ready, then you need to proceed to send it out there and for this purpose we recommend you to use an article distribution tool.

Note: For this to work better, you can create different articles on the same subject or alternatively.  Some people recommends that you use a “text spinner” tool to get the job done, although it is actually not in your best interest to do so because you will end up with low-quality content.


  • Submit Content to Online Directories with High PageRank

Submitting your sportsbook bookie blog to online directories with high PageRank is also advisable. Although you might be able to submit your site to a good number of these directories at once, we actually recommend you not to be too aggressive as these kinds of websites might take some time before they actually post your link. Indeed this is a strategy that will pay with good results on the long run.


  • Submitting to Do-Follow Blogs

Every single month, focus on adding links for your bookie blog to do-follow blogs that are part of your niche (gambling in your case). If you are unable to find blogs with high PR in your niche, then you can try to get your link on any kind of blogs with a high PageRank.

The way you leave links to your bookie blog on other blogs is by posting comments, so if you really want the owner of the blog to approve your comment (and therefore your link), then make sure that you will only going to write quality comments or otherwise you will miss the possibility of adding your one-way link on a valuable high PR blog for good.

We advise you to post comments on no more than 20 quality blogs per month. This is because this will give you the chance of focusing on the content of each of those sites and post at least twice during the month. This comes to a total of 40 monthly blog comments, which is quite manageable.


  • Submissions to Forums

When it comes to forums, it will take some time before they actually allow you to display your signature, which shows the one-way link to your bookie blog. For this reason, you must post as much as you can in order to reach the required number of posts. It is advisable that you write posts as a real, concerned user of the forum instead of just posting things such as “great topic” or “I really like what you wrote” because long-time users will take such comments as span and will put you in risk of getting banned.

Just like with blogs, don’t forget to post on forums that are related to your niche, where you believe that players gather. This will not only help you to rank better on Google but it will also open the possibility of closing some business deals with forum users.

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