Link Building Strategy for your Bookie Blog Part Two

In the first part of this 2-article series we brought you key information on a link building plan for your price per head bookie blog, link-building-strategy-bookie-blog-twoand here is the second post with more insight into how you can get one-way links for your site.


Bookie Blog: Profile Submissions


There are many profile sites where you can easily post a link back to your pay per head bookmaking blog, but in reality it is in your best interest if you only focus on sites with a high PageRank.

Since you are just getting started, you need to know that there are people out there selling “link packets” with Do-Follow sites listed there, but since they’ve been offering such lists to many individuals and companies, many of those websites have been considerably spammed, and for that reason, it is better if you take your time and start searching for your own sites. Although it might be time consuming, it is certainly worth the effort.


Press Release Submissions

Just like submitting articles, you should also consider writing a monthly press release for your bookie blog. The length of this PR can be about 350 words and as soon is ready, you need to submit it to at least five press release distribution site, as when you do this, your PR gets also submitted to many additional news sites. If you want to save some time when doing this, you can always opt for using a good article distribution tool.


Social Media Links

Although the most relevant links on social media sites are those located on the profile section, the ones that are found on your Facebook wall or tweets for example are also quite relevant and will definitely help you to build link equity. So, when you have a fresh post on your bookie blog, don’t forget about share it with your social networking contacts.


Video Submissions

Since Google is currently displaying videos on search results, we also recommend you to create at least one video every month in order to distribute it to the top video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion.

People certainly love videos and they are likely to share those that they find interesting with their social contacts, so when you are on the process of creating a vid, don’t forget to make it appealing to prospective customers. Try to create videos with an emphasis on gambling.

You can, for example, give your own monthly predictions for upcoming sporting events. Oh and don’t forget to add the vids you create to your bookie blog too!


Social Bookmarking

The idea of bookmarking is quite amazing and one that you should rely on when it comes to managing inbound links across public sites. There are a ton of social bookmaking sites out there, which means that you can easily do more than 25 monthly social bookmarks for a whole year without even hitting the same website twice.

We recommend you to create your own strategy about which sites you want to hit and bookmarking not only the URL for your home page but also for top level pages. This is surely less “spammy” and it allows you to avoid duplications as you’ll have more pages to work with.



The more time that you spend on building one-way links for your bookie blog, the best results that you’ll obtain, so, try to be as consistent as possible and don’t forget that all of your efforts will be compensated at the end.

If you feel that you don’t want to spend that much time on your link building plan then get a professional to lend you a hand. It will indeed be worthy.

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