Local Bookie Business: Working with Pay per Head Services

If want to create a Local Bookie Business, you can definitely use the help of a Pay per Head shop.

Local Bookie Business: Working with Pay per Head Services
Local Bookie Business: Working with Pay per Head Services


Local Bookie Business: Getting Started with Pay per Head

As a bookmaking agent, you want the best price per head solutions for your Local Bookie Business.

This means that you need to visit the web, and explore the best options related to sportsbook software providers.

Now, since you’re looking for bookie software for your local sports betting and gaming operation; you actually need to sign up with a PPH offshore services provider.

The reason is because as a top bookmaker, you want to pay the least, and get the best Pay per Head solutions.

And, such high-quality services are only affordable when you work with an overseas price per head company.

The reason why an offshore PPH Shop is able to offer better services for cheaper weekly fees is because it saves a lot of cash in overhead costs.

Such savings are then translated into better solutions for players, at lower prices.


Pay per Head Services

Now, here’s a list of the Pay per Head services you can get for your Local Bookie Business from a top offshore PPH Shop:

  • Sportsbook software
  • Online wagering
  • Casino
  • Call center betting


Sportsbook software

As a top bookmaker, you want to count with the best sportsbook software for your Local Bookie Business.

This tool allows you to manage the data related to the sports betting and gaming action of players.

Once you get this tool, you can watch the action of your customers in real time.

This means that you can check exactly when players are making considerable wagers.

And, you can also see which customers are making you the most profits; and which ones are getting the most out of your Local Bookie Business.

You want to work with sportsbook software that is fully web-based.

This means that you can use any device, get online, and check your data management tool.

What you want to avoid is to work with a PPH Shop that forces you to download its tools.

And the reason is because this is no convenient at all.

Now, when checking the data management software from a given Pay per Head company; make sure to check the number of reports offered.

This is important, because you want to work with a tool that offers you as many reports as possible.


Online wagering

This is the main service which the players of your Local Bookie Business will benefit from.

There are two versions of this Pay per Head service:

  • General site
  • Custom site


General site

This site is used by the customers of many bookmakers, and it’s the alternative that’s favored by most agents.

The reason is because it works great, and it’s also very affordable.


Custom site

Now, bookmakers can spend a little extra and get their own custom site.

This is a personal site that is going to be accessed only by the players of a single agent.

This is great because it means that the agent is getting a fully working site where players can get their action on sports or play casino games such as PPH Poker.

And, all the top bookmaker must do is to pay a one-time fee for the custom site; and then a weekly fee for all the price per head services.



Now, when a bookmaking agent signs up with a top PPH Shop, he has the option of getting an online casino for his Local Bookie Business.

This service is charged as an extra, but it’s really worth every single penny.

And the reason is because it allows agents to double their profits in an almost effortless way.

This is a great service, and one that can also help the agent recruit extra players.

In fact, the online casino can turn into the number one business of the agent!

Meaning that such casino service can become most popular than sports betting.


Call center betting

An agent also needs the best call center betting solution for his Local Bookie Business.

This is actually a major consideration when looking for the right PPH Shop.

And the reason is because there are many players out there whom really enjoy the personalized attention related to phone wagering.

In fact, many of such players are big-time spenders, and they can make a big difference.

So, it’s definitely in the best interest of the agent to sign up with a price per head company located offshore.

This allows players to get their action with the help of skilled sports betting clerks; whom have the necessary experience to manage each and every single call with courtesy and professionalism.

What’s also great about offshore PPH Shops is that they count with multilingual solutions.

This means that you can offer your bookmaking agent services to people that not only speaks English; but also Chinese and Spanish.


Affordable is not the cheapest

Now, when looking for Pay per Head solutions for your Local Bookie Business; you should focus on getting services that are affordable, but not the cheapest in the market.

The reason is because the cheapest ones are probably not going to be very good.

So, you should focus on signing up with a price per head company that offers you high-quality services that are not going to break your bank account.


Trial period

When searching for PPH offshore services for your Local Bookie Business, it’s also important to get a trial period.

By testing out the price per head solutions from a PPH Shop, you can figure out if such tools are worthy of your cash.

And, what’s great is that you won’t have to pay a single cent until the trial period is over.

Once the trial finishes, you can decide if you want to stay with the PPH Shop, or look for a different one.

Chances are that if you get a trial period from a PPH Shop without having to make the request for one; you’re working with a top company that can make a real difference for your Local Bookie Business.

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