Marketing Essentials for Bookie Freelancers

Running a bookie operation can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be, so learning some key marketing essentials will marketing-essentials-bookie-freelancerscertainly help you to run your betting operation in a more professional way.


Bookie Tips: The Pitch


When you’re trying to come up with a pitch, try to make it as effective as possible without coming too strong. This is of course a skill that takes practice, but the main think that you as a pay per head bookie need to understand is what your clients actually want or need.

Try to brainstorm the reasons why you are the person that can provide players with the things they need such as the best prices, high-quality customer service, call center services, web betting, etc.

Focus on trying to understand your client’s needs and create your pitch based on the steps that you must take to meet them ASAP or you’ll be in risk of losing some serious business opportunities.


The Close

When you’re finished doing your pitch, you need to come with a good closing. Although it is nice to finish with a sentence such as “Call me back when you feel interested,” the trust is that such kind of conclusions will rarely lead you to close some real deals.

The trick is to finish with a sentence that will empower the rest of your pitch with an evocation to sale the product you are offering, which is your price per head bookie solutions. Of course you must remember that you cannot be too pushy or you will end up with results that you don’t want for your betting operation.

It is also important that when you are at the point where you are going to finish your pitch to a possible client that you are as specific as possible. Don’t tell a prospective customer something like “we’ll close the deal sometime next week.”

Instead, tell the player a phrase such as “How about if we sit down to set everything up and get you placing wagers by Wednesday.” When you are specific, people will trust you more because they will see that you are someone reliable and focused on what you’re doing.



Sure, the more clients you have, the more cash for you in your pocket, but when you analyze things more deeply, you will realize that collaborating with another local bookie might not be as bad as it seems. Let’s say that you are running a sports betting operation and there is another agent that has many clients that are fond of betting on the horses.

If such agent is not using pph solutions like you, then chances are that he’s having a hard time keeping track of his wagering numbers. In such case, you can offer that bookie the possibility of letting you manage his clients for a cut of his winnings or for a specific amount of cash that is paid on a weekly basis to you.

That is just an example of how collaboration between bookmakers is actually possible and profitable for both sides.


Let your Name be Known

The more people knows about your wagering operation, the better chances you’ll have of closing some deals. Of course if you don’t want to use your real name, you can always pick an alias that will serve as your professional identity.

Get some business cards and hand them out among trustful individuals that you’re believe can get you closer to players and also don’t forget about engaging in online marketing practices as much as possible. Try to become synonymous with wagering in order to get people interested in your solutions.

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