Offshore Pay per Head Services for Agents and Players

An Offshore Pay per Head shop can provide agents with all the bookie services they need.

Offshore Pay per Head Services for Agents and Players
Offshore Pay per Head Services for Agents and Players

Outsourcing the data management area of the operation is now a common practice for bookmaking agents.

This is because it gets them the right tools. And also saves their sports betting and gaming operations a lot of cash.


Offshore Pay per Head: Everything That’s Included

Signing up with an Offshore Pay per Head company allows the agent to enjoy of:

  • Bookie software
  • Online wagering and gambling
  • Phone betting
  • A trial period
  • Full security


Bookie software

All agents use bookie software, that’s a fact. But, it’s important to get the best sportsbook software, not just any data management tool.

For that reason, it’s import to research the web for the best Offshore Pay per Head companies.

The next step is to make some phone calls to get a trial period.

This allows the agent to test out each and every single feature related to the tool.

This is what the best bookie software includes:

  • Custom reports
  • Manage players and sub-agents


Custom reports

These are the reports that agents can use to monitor the action of their customers.

The best Offshore Pay per Head companies offer more than 15 reports.

The reason for so many reports is because each one offers detailed information about a particular area of the sports betting and gaming operation.

For example, there’s a report that allows the agent to see how much he’s currently risking against his players.

And there’s another report that shows the number of current open bets.

This is the kind of information that, when put together; provides agents with an overall great picture of how well their businesses are performing.


Manage players and sub-agents

This offshore services tool allows agents to manage not only their players, but also data related to sub-agents.

A sub-agent is someone that represents the bookie in a different region. This is a person that pays winners and do collections.

And, sub-agents manage their own group of players.

This means that they can be granted access to the sportsbook software so they can add any type of data when necessary.

This allows the main agent to login into the bookmaking software and check for any recent updates.


Online wagering and gambling

Offshore Pay per Head services includes an online site where players can place bets, or play casino games; such as PPH Poker.

This is a website that includes the necessary wagering and gambling software.

And it’s easy to use. Meaning that players don’t need to invest any time at all getting adjusted to the sports betting and gambling platform.

Now, when an agent signs up, his players automatically are granted access to the sportsbook area.

And, if the top bookmaker wants, he can pay an extra weekly fee to the Offshore Pay per Head company to allow players access to the casino area.

Considering that this is a fully working casino, including the most popular games, such as PPH Poker; paying the extra cash is a must-do for the agent.


Phone betting

This is the perfect complement for online wagering. It includes access to an Offshore Pay per Head call center.

This is an overseas office filled with experienced clerks. These individuals have been trained to process calls fast, while satisfying the demands of each bettor at the same time.

This means that agents are able to manage a large volume of phone bets. And, they’re also able to make their clients happy.

And, this is a service that also offers a lot of security. The reason is because records of the calls exists.

This means that in the event of a wager dispute, the records for the call can be checked.

This allows the PPH Shop to check if a mistake was made; or if the wager was in fact processed accurately.

Doubtlessly, this is a win-win for the agent and his players.

This is because it guarantees customers that their sports or horse betting action is fully trustful.

And, it allows agents to manage their operations in a more professional way.


A trial period

A trial period for Offshore Pay per Head services allows the agent to test not only the data management tool; but also the solutions intended for his players.

This means that the bookie can create a customer account, and place bets online and over the phone.

This allows the top bookmaker to check the quality of the wagering clerks.

And also the usability of the online site. In other words: how easy it is for players to place bets or play casino games over the web.

The best choice for an agent is to get a trial period from a price per head shop that doesn’t put any restrictions.

This means that the bookmaking agent should be able to walk away charge-free once the trial period is over.

That is, if the tools offered doesn’t offer full satisfaction.


Full security

A great Offshore Pay per Head company also offers great security.

This means that they only require the most basic information from players in order to process their wagering and gambling action.

Actually, all a top PPH Shop requires to offer sports betting and gaming solutions to players is a simple user name and password.

So, for example, when a player calls the price per head company, he only needs to provide his own alias and pass.

This is great because it means that players don’t have to provide their personal information.

This, in fact, gives agents an edge over the large online sportsbooks.

And that is because the latter always request the personal name and the credit card data from bettors.

This of course is information players would prefer to keep private. And this is definitely possible working with a top bookmaker.

So, this is doubtlessly a great argument that agents can use in their favor when recruiting new clients for their sports betting and gaming operations.


And, it all really starts by making a call, or contacting your favorite Offshore Pay per Head company over the web.

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