Online Pay per Head Software: Why Web-Based Services Beat Downloads

If you’re a bookie, you should choose Online Pay per Head Software, and avoid tools that you need to download.

Online Pay per Head Software: Why Web-Based Services Beat Downloads
Online Pay per Head Software: Why Web-Based Services Beat Downloads


Online Pay per Head Software: Reasons to Choose Web-Based Services

Here are the reasons you should pick Online Pay per Head Software over a download tool:

  • Always available
  • Can be accessed using any device
  • Doesn’t slow down your smart device
  • Best services for players


Always available

Working with Online Pay per Head Software means that you can always check the action of your players.

All you need to do is to pull out your cell phone or open your laptop, and then access your bookie software.

This means that you can basically run your sports betting and gaming operation from anywhere because the tool is always available.

This is very different than working with downloads.

And the reason is because this last option limits you greatly by making it more difficult for you to check the data related to your players.


Can be accessed using any device

Another top advantage of working with Online Pay per Head Software is that you can access the tool using any device!

If for some reason you forgot your cell phone, or don’t have your laptop with you; you can use any other computer or smartphone in order to access the sportsbook software, and check the info you need.

This is pretty advantageous, and very different than downloads!

The reason is because when you work with a download tool, you can only access the bookmaking software using the device where you installed it.

This can definitely make things very complicated, and it’s also quite impractical.

So, if you find a PPH Shop that offers you downloads, that’s a top sign to start searching for a different offshore services company.


Doesn’t slow down your smart device

Another great feature related to Online Pay per Head Software is that it doesn’t require any disk space on your smart devices.

This is not only important because it saves you space, but also because it prevents your device to run slow.

The reason is because when many programs are running at the same time; it can slow down the computer, smartphone or tablet. So, the less programs, the better.

And, when the software is web-based, it means that this is not an element that is going to slow down your device in any way.

Now, using a fast tool that never slows down is very important. And this is especially true when you’re following massive betting action on a particularly important horse racing or sporting event.

If you count with a fast data management tool, you can check exactly what’s going on with such action in real time.

And that allows you to prevent unwanted action, and take other approaches that can end up making you more profits.


Best services for players

Now, you not only want Online Pay per Head Software for you, but you also want the best services for your players.

This includes:

  • Web betting (no download)
  • Call center access


Web betting (no download)

A web betting solution is a great complement to your Online Pay per Head Software.

In fact, this is going to be the main tool that is going to allow you to process most of the bets from your clients.

The reason is because bettors really enjoy placing wagers by themselves using their smartphone or computer.

And of course, bettors also like the fact that they can place as many bets as they want with full privacy!

Now, there are some PPH Shops that offer web betting using software that the player must download.

This is something you really don’t want for your customers.

And the main reason is because this can really turn your players off; and many will actually look for a different bookie because they don’t want to be forced to download any kind of software!

So, what you really want is to work with a top PPH Shop that allows your players to place their bets or play casino games directly from the internet.

In this case, all you have to do is to give your clients the URL of a site provided by the price per head company.

Then, your players can access the site using an alias and a password, and place all the wagers and make all the casino plays they want.

Now there are two types of websites offered by the PPH Shop:

  • Standard
  • Customized



This is a website that is shared by many bookies, and i’s a great option. It’s also the cheapest, and the most popular one.



This is a site that you don’t have to share with anyone! This means that only your players will be using it.

This is great because it allows you to enhance your brand as a top bookmaker; which means that you can use this site as a marketing tool to sign up more players for your operation.


Call center access

Now, apart from your Online Pay per Head Software and the web-based services for your players; you also need to count with a call center solution.

This is because there are still many players that prefer to get their action over the phone; and you really don’t want to miss on the opportunity of signing up those bettors.

So, make sure to do business with a reputable overseas PPH company from Costa Rica.

The reason is because this is the country where the top PPH Shops are located.

And the reason for that is because this is a country that counts with the best multilingual clerks.

And it’s also a place that counts with modern infrastructure that allows PPH Shops to provide bookies and their players with the best of solutions.

This means that when you partner up with a reputable price per head company from Costa Rica; you are really taking the best possible decision for your sports betting and gaming operation.

So, make sure to do your research in order to find the kind of offshore PPH Shop that can offer you the best Online Pay per Head Software for you and the top solutions for your players.

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