Pay per Head 2017: The Best Sports Bookie Software Provider

Are you a bookmaking agent that is looking for information on Pay per Head 2017? Then chances are that you’re searching for the current best sports bookie software

Pay per Head 2017: The Best Sports Bookie Software Provider
Pay per Head 2017: The Best Sports Bookie Software Provider



Pay per Head 2017: What to Look For

If you want to get the top Pay per Head 2017 offering, these are the things you need to look for:


Located Offshore

In order to serve your best interests, associate yourself with a sports bookie software provider that is located offshore.

There are many reasons for this; however, the most important one is that the weekly cost for the top bookmaker is very affordable.

The reason behind the good weekly Pay per Head 2017 fee is that the price per head shop spend less cash on overhead costs.

This means that since costs are lower; the price charged for sports betting and gaming services is also less than the one offered by an onshore PPH shop.

Now, in this case, lower operational costs doesn’t equal bad quality.

On the contrary: the sportsbook software provider that decided to work from an overseas territory; did it because it wanted to offer high-quality bookmaking and gambling services without having to spend a lot on overhead costs.


Fully Packed Call Center

You want a Pay per Head 2017 service that includes unlimited access for your players to a fully packed call center. This includes:


Modern physical infrastructure

The optimal wagering call center should offer the people that works there all the comforts that allows them to provide the best possible bookmaking service.

A top sports bookie software provider is even willing to take a top bookmaker on a private tour of the offshore call center.


High-end communications technology

A good overseas call center that serves the needs of sports betting players must also include the latest on communications technology.

This is because in order to offer a top Pay per Head 2017 solution, a price per head shop has invested in the kind of tech that allows it to remain competitive against other PPH shops that are following the same strategy.


Multilingual services

English is the main language for most local sports bettors.

However, if the top bookmaker wishes to expand his wagering and gambling services beyond his own local territory; he needs to count with the help of multilingual clerks.

This is to be able to process the wagers of spanish, or chinese-speaking sports betting players, for example.


Specially trained clerks and customer service reps.

To provide the best Pay per Head 2017 service; a top sports bookie software company must also recruit the best talent; and train every single individual properly.

Some clerks are trained to provide specialized sports betting services. While others receive special training to take care of horse racing bettors.

And, there is also a customer service department that takes care of general questions from players or the bookmakers themselves.


Custom 800 Number

In order to personalize the call center experience for sports betting players; this Pay per Head 2017 solution must also include a custom 800 number.

This is a phone number that is only going to be dialed by the clients of a single bookmaking agent.

This allows the clerks at the call center, to identify who’s calling, with the goal of personalizing the Pay per Head sportsbook service that’s being provided even more.


Internet Betting

A top Pay per Head 2017 service also includes an outstanding internet sports betting and casino solution.

In fact, in order to prosper, this is a service a bookmaking agent must count with.

The reason is because the majority of sports betting and gaming players enjoy getting their action on their laptops or mobile devices.

This is due to the privacy factor, and also because they can do it from anywhere they want to.

To be an optimal Pay per Head 2017 web solution, it must include:


A custom website for the bookie

A top bookmaker wants to count with his own website; and a top sports bookie software company must be able to provide this Pay per Head 2017 service without a problem.

Doubtlessly, a generic sports betting website works great. However, if a top bookmaker wants to take his operation a step up the personalization ladder; he can request this custom solution from the price per head shop.


Both sports betting and online casino software

Offering only sports betting software services really doesn’t cut it nowadays.

And the reason is because there are a lot of bookmaking agents competing to sign as many sports betting players as they can; and they know that the perfect hook to close a deal is to offer a sports bettor the chance of also playing casino games, such as PPH poker.


High-Quality Lines and Large Wagering Menu

The best Pay per Head 2017 service also includes both:


High-Quality Lines

A top price per head shop must count with experienced line movers. These individuals are working non-stop to provide the most advantageous lines for the top bookmaker; while also allowing sports betting players to have a chance at beating the bookie.

In other words, these are line movers that are able to create and maintain solid, fair wagering lines.


Large Wagering Menu

A great wagering menu is also part of the perfect Pay per Head 2017 services formula.

A top bookmaker must be able to offer his sports betting players above-average wagering options.

When a bookie opts for working with a PPH shop that offers just a basic wagering menu, he’s missing big time!

The reason is that basic options lead to basic wagers. Meaning that if players don’t have that many choices, they will get bored; and might not even bet for a while.

On the other hand, when a top bookmaker is able to offer a large wagering menu; his players will always have interesting stuff to bet on, and they will remain loyal and consistent.


As you can see, a good combination of:

  • An offshore location
  • A fully packed call center
  • Great Internet Betting Solutions
  • Experienced Line Movers
  • Large Wagering Menu

Is exactly what the optimal Pay per Head 2017 must include in order to be considered by the majority of sports betting and gaming entrepreneurs.

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