Best Pay per Head Bookie Software and Top Player Services

Getting Pay per Head Betting Software means that you’ve taken the right first step towards a successful bookie career.
Pay per Head Betting Software for Bookies and Top Player Services
Pay per Head Betting Software for Bookies and Top Player Services
Indeed, the sports betting and gaming market is more competitive than ever. This means that getting players is an easy task only for the most prepared bookmaking agents. And, those are definitely the bookies that are working with a top PPH Shop and the best bookie software.  

Pay per Head Betting Software And Other Top Services

Now, here’s a brief explanation of the Pay per Head Betting Software and the other offshore services you’ll get when you sign up with a reputable price per head company:
  • Full data management for the bookie
  • Complete wagering website for players (with casino option)
  • Toll-free call center betting

Full data management for the bookie

The best Pay per Head Betting Software is a full data management solution for you, the top bookmaker. This is a service that is fully mobile, which means that you can access it from anywhere. And, it comes with all the features you may possibly need to run your wagering operation without any problems at all. What’s important about this tool is that is going to allow you to be totally independent! This means that by paying a weekly fee to the PPH Shop, you can get a complete sportsbook software solution. This tool includes a number of user-friendly reports; which you can use to check the activity of your players. So, you can be pretty much anywhere, and all you have to do to verify how things are going with your business is to pull out your cell phone, laptop or tablet. Then, just access your online data management tool, and see all the information related to your players. Now, the data you receive can always be refreshed, and when you do it, you’ll get real-time info. This means that, for example, if a player placed a bet a second ago, once you check the Pay per Head Betting Software report again, that action will be reflected on your screen. This is indeed the kind of live data that can really make the difference for your sports betting operation. And the reason for that is because when you notice unusual activity, you can immediately put a stop to it. Allowing you to keep your business profitable at all times.  

Complete wagering website for players (with casino option)

Apart from the best Pay per Head Betting Software for you, the bookie, your players also get their own PPH tools! These allow them to place wagers all by their own, preventing them from contacting you at any time. In fact, you’ll only need to get in touch with your players to The main of these tools is a fully working sports and horse betting site. This is a website that comes as part of the standard package of price per head services. And, all your customers need to access the site is a simple alias and password. After entering the wagering area, the player will find a simple, step-by-step betting menu; showing all the current available open options. And after picking his favorite betting choices, all the action from the player automatically becomes visible so you, the bookie, can check it on your Pay per Head Betting Software.  

Standard versus custom sites

Now, there are two versions of these sites:
  • Standard
  • Customized
The standard, which you can get automatically if you don’t make any special requests; is a site that you will share with other bookmakers. With that said, this is really not an inconvenient for your players to get their action in a fast and efficient way. In fact, this is the most popular option amongst top agents, and the reasons are the high-quality of the site; and also because it’s the most affordable of the two options.  
Now, if you’re willing to pay a one-time extra fee, you can get a website that’s really special. The reason is because this is a site that you can customize. This includes the domain name (the www.absite), and also the design. And most importantly, this is a site that will be for the EXCLUSIVE usage of your very own players! This means that no bettors other than those in your bookmaking portfolio are going to be accessing the site. This is really great because it allows you to create your own brand around this customized site.  

Online casino

Also, if you want to double your profits, you can do it just by getting in touch with your PPH Shop and requesting their online casino services. Such gambling solution is available for an extra weekly fee. However, this service is so profitable, that you can pretty much pay it from your own gaming earnings. And once you get it, your players will be able to place casino hands on the most popular games, including Pay per Head Poker.  

Toll-free call center betting

The other top service for players that’s a great complement to the best Pay per Head Betting Software is call center access. This means that players get to place unlimited wagers over the phone using the help of skilled clerks. Such clerks are multilingual, which means that you can easily offer your services to players that speak languages such as English, Chinese and Spanish. This is a service that your customers can use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And, what’s really great about it is that you get your own toll free number! This is a number that your players can dial as many times as they want, and they can last for as long as they want during a given call, and they won’t pay a single cent. This is really a great advantage for your players, and another great tool that can also help you enhance your brand, and market your operation. And, remember that if you really want to get the best Pay per Head Betting Software and call center solutions for your players, you should doubtlessly sign up with a PPH Shop from Costa Rica.
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