Pay per Head Bookie: A Quick Guide to Attracting Clients

Indeed, pay per head bookie services are useless if there is no one to buy them. For that reason, you must learn how to market your sports betting operation so prospective customers canpay-per-head-bookie-attracting-clients hear about what you have to offer and feel encouraged to sign up to place wagers with you.


Pay per Head Bookie: Getting Customers


Now we are going to provide you with some useful information related to identifying your best clients, and about how to assess their needs.


How to Identify the Best Clients

Indeed, some of your prospective clients are better than others, meaning that some will bring you a lot of profits with little intervention on your part, while others won’t be profitable at all, and instead will turn into a source of constant headaches for you.

So, your mission is to be able to identify which prospective clients have the potential to become your best, and then figure out how to reach out to them, and sign them up.

Now, considering that your budget is not unlimited, targeting specific individuals certainly seems like a good plan.

Here are some questions to consider when it comes to identifying the best prospective customers for your pay per head bookie business:

  • What is your personal idea of the ideal client?
  • What are the things your prospective customers like the most, and what is it that they dislike?
  • What do you consider their problems and needs are?
  • What can you do as a pay per head bookie services provider in order to address such problems and needs?
  • How can you be able to deliver more of what’s important to your clients, and less of what is not so meaningful?


Tapping In to your Players Needs

What do you think is best? To start offering something you aren’t sure people is going to want or need?

Or to go first and ask people about what they really want and need, and then start offering the type of pay per head bookie services that responds to such wants and needs?

Here is a quick hint: if you start offering a set of services that you are not sure will sell, then you are frankly taking a big, unnecessary risk. To offer products or solutions without using the feedback of prospective clients is indeed, a recipe for disaster.


The WPWPF Principle

Sure, you can be excited about your pay per head bookie business, but you must avoid being blinded by your own enthusiasm, and instead, you must figure out if your players are equally enthusiastic about it.

WPWPF stands for What People Will Pay For, and this principle states that your pay per head bookie services are just as good as what players are willing to pay for them.

This means that it really doesn’t matter if your bookmaking solutions are clever or well thought out; if they are not wanted by prospective customers, then they are not worth your cash and time, and most importantly, you really don’t have a sports betting business at all.

So, what do you think the solution is? How can you really be sure if the pay per head bookie services that you believe are the correct ones, are the ones players really want?

To figure this out is not as difficult as all you need to do is to ASK them!


Picking Different Roads to Meet Goals

When you first start a pay per head bookie business, your efforts should be focused on marketing, on getting your name out there so potential clients can notice you and hire your bookmaking solutions.

As your business grows, you can feel free to reduce the amount of time that you dedicate to marketing, but you really should never forget about it, and this includes to always searching for new ways to promote your sports betting services.

To get you started, here are two of the most popular and useful methods to promote your pay per head bookie operation:


Generating Word of Mouth

You really want people to talk about your bookmaking business, but you want them do it in a positive light.

The more people talk about the sports betting services that you have to offer, the better your pay per head bookie company looks, and the result of this positive public image is that you continuously attract new players and increase your profits.


Acquiring Referrals

Referrals are a great source of new business because when they knock on your door, they already have an understanding of what you have to offer, and they are indeed interested.

There are two types of referrals:

  • Those that are brought to you by affiliates of your business, including sub-agents, or other individuals that are not directly related to your bookmaking operation.
  • Those are that brought you by your own players (remember to always compensate well clients whom bring you referrals).
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