Pay per Head Bookie: Eluding Business Scams

Out there, there are real opportunities to start a successful pay per head bookie home business, but there are also some that are not what they appear to


Pay per Head Bookie: Avoiding Rip-Offs


Here we are offering some great information related to how you can separate the real bookmaking business opportunities, from actual rip-offs.


External Reasons

The following are some of the external reasons why individuals continue to fall for all types of basic business scams (including the sports betting industry):

  • The web makes it easier for scammers to reach out to prospective victims.
  • The current negative global economic situation pushes people to believe in business opportunities that are nothing but scams. Indeed, scammers can smell desperation, and take advantage of it.
  • Most people that are scammed don’t complain to the proper authorities or tell nothing about it because they feel embarrassed.
  • Although there are many websites where people can check about possible rip-offs, the truth is that most scams never get listed, and when they do, its perpetrators have already moved on to a new form of a rip-off.



Also, regardless of the method utilized, scammers usually rely on the same characteristics to get individuals to fall for scams. These traits are:

Appeals to Trust and Authority: Scammers tend to disguise their rip-offs as legitimate opportunities that are offered by reputable pay per head bookie businesses.

Visceral Triggers: It is also common for scam artists to exploit human needs and desires. For example, a scammer makes use of triggers to get a prospective victim to focus on the positive feelings and benefits offered by the fraudulent pay per head bookie business opportunity.

Scarcity Cues: Scammers also personalize their rip-offs with the goal of make them appear as unique, and emphasize the urgency of a positive response by the prospective victim.

Induction of Behavioral Commitment: Scammers take small steps in order get the victim to agree with them, causing the affected person to feel committed to continue to do what the rip-off requires for the scammer to make a profit.

No Emotional Control: Scammers usually have the ability to perceive when someone is more vulnerable to be persuaded and they of course take advantage of this factor for their own benefit.


Sniffing Out Scams

Usually, if the opportunity is too good to be true, is because it is. Even a very profitable business such as a pay per head bookie operation comes with its ups and downs.

If you want to avoid becoming part of the statistics related to scam victims, here are some tips to sniffing out, and avoiding a rip-off:

Control your Enthusiasm: If you want to become a pay per head bookie, chances are that you are very enthusiastic about this goal. However, you need to be careful about not getting overly-enthusiastic because there are those that are going to try to take advantage of your positive feelings in order to lead you in the wrong direction.

Be Alert to Red Flags: There are always red flags, things out of place that can point out to a possible scam. When you are offered a business opportunity, make sure to be alert for these warning signs that tell you that something is just not right.

Here are some of the top red flags you should be attentive about:

  • There is a fee involved for helping, without the promise of returning the funds if the person is not satisfied with the results.
  • You are told that the pay per head bookie job doesn’t involve sales, and that it is all easy work.
  • You are pressured to make a decision right away.
  • You are discouraged to ask for a second opinion before you actually become part of the scam.
  • There are no signs of other satisfied individuals related to the sportsbook business opportunity with whom you can talk.
  • If you are not interested in a given business opportunity, you are offered another one just as tempting, right away.
  • Your gut simply tells you that something isn’t right.


In sum, be careful! There are many great pay per head bookie business opportunities out there that can make you some outstanding profits, and by taking into consideration the information presented above, you can avoid unwanted situations related to scams or rip-offs.

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