Pay per Head Bookie: Dealing with Challenging Clients

During your stint as a pay per head bookie freelancer, you will work with a large variety of clients.Corporate Guy with Magnifying Glass

Each one of these individuals has its own personality, and some are definitely easier to agree with than others.


Pay per Head Bookie: The Wild Man and the Critic


Here we are offering you information on 2 of the most difficult types of clients:


The Wild Man

This is the type of player that leaves you one voice mail after another voice mail, however, when you check the actual messages, you realize that all of them are not urgent at all.

In fact, the client just wanted to give you a hard time about issues that are not even under your control.

If you were to answer to these messages during regular business hours, it is likely that you wouldn´t have a problem showing some courtesy by allowing the customer to vent his problems with you.

But when this type of unnecessary interruptions comes when you are busy taking care of something more relevant to your pay per head bookie business, then it turns into a troublesome inconvenience.

So, what is the best way to deal with the wild man?

The most important step to take when you have one or more of these clients in your bookmaking portfolio is to take action because if you do nothing at all, you will only make the situation worse.

Start by biting the bullet and give the player of your sports betting operation a phone call as soon as you notice more than one voice mail, and use this opportunity to explain the person that you are aware of the situation, and that you will come up with a solution as soon as you can.

Make sure to remain polite while on the phone with the client, and also don’t hang up until it is clear to you that the person is satisfied with your explanation.

If you are unable to reach the client of your pay per head bookie business over the phone, leave him a voice mail, and complement it with an email.

Remember that it is important, and Ok, to set boundaries for yourself and your players.


The Critic

There are two times of critics: those who can, and are willing to pay for your time, and those who abuse your time.

The latter one you can easily deal with by completing your current obligations with the client and then stop accepting any kind of betting and gaming action from him.

The former is a bit trickier as he is willing to pay you for his “criticism time.”

This doesn’t sound so bad, but after many meetings and iterations, you will begin losing your faith on a possible future beneficial relationship with the client.

To effectively deal with a critical customer, you must always give the person the reason as this is a player that is not going to change his behavior.

In the end, only you can tell if keeping a client like this in your pay per head bookie portfolio is convenient or not.

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