Pay per Head Bookie: Client-Focused or In-Focused?

Whether you are managing a pay per head bookie company that is small or big, or if you are running it locally or internationally, the key to build healthy relationships with  your players pay-per-head-bookie-client-focusedis to provide high quality customer service.

Now, it is important to point out that in order to please the demands of your clients, you need to make sure that you are fully committed to creating a customer-focused rather than an in-focused sports betting company.


Pay per Head Bookie: Where Does your Operation Stands?


Is your company more customer-focused, or more in-focused?  On this article, we are offering you important information so you can have a clear picture of where your pay per head bookie business stands.



If you were to compare an in-focused bookmaking company with an individual, you´d likely be inclined to perceive that person as to be selfish because her main concern is to please herself rather than focusing on satisfying customer needs.

The main concern of an in-focused pay per head bookie company is to achieve internal goals, such as increasing profits and cutting costs using the correct budget system.

This usually means that client-satisfaction goals are probably very low on the list of priorities of a company that fits this category. Or even worst, nonexistent.


In-Focused Qualities

Here are some of the qualities that are usually associated with an in-focused betting and gaming business:

  • Granting recognition to staff members who are better at achieving internal goals than in providing good client attention.
  • When someone is promoted, such promotion is related to favoritism and seniority, rather than on merit.
  • The training new staff members receive is focused on the actual functions of the job, and it doesn’t contain nothing related to interpersonal and communication skills.
  • The departments of the pay per head bookie business that doesn´t have the responsibility of dealing with external clients don´t really mind too much about customer satisfaction.
  • Decisions that affect clients are taken behind closed doors at the top of the pyramid of command, without any consideration for the opinion of the people at the front lines.
  • Quick fixes are always favored over long-term real solutions.



A pay per head bookie company that is customer-focused is that one which always has an eye on its clients while keeping the other on the profits area.


Client-Focused Qualities

Here are the main qualities related to a client-focused sports betting business:

  • The pay per head bookie company values more, and recognizes the work of staff members whom are able to balance client satisfaction with job efficiency.
  • When a promotion is granted, it is based both on customer service proficiency and seniority, but with a focus on the former.
  • When new staff members are trained, they are first provided with all the information they need about doing their jobs, and then also receive extra training in interpersonal skills.
  • Management is based on participation, allowing for staff members to offer their feedback on any important client issues before actual decisions are taken.
  • The company avoids quick fixes, and instead, operates with a long-term vision.


The 3 Main Elements of Client Attention Excellence

Although there are many elements that are related to the concept of a customer-focused company, there are three basic ones where the others are rooted. They are:


To Develop a Client-Friendly Attitude

The personnel of a pay per head bookie company must be able to show genuine appreciation for customers.

Every member of the team must be able to be resourceful while dealing with a given client, and really commit to turn into a professional, friendly and reliable problem-solver.


Definition of Service

Every single pay per head bookie company out there has its own definition of the term service.

Some people confuse the concept of providing good and efficient client attention solutions with basically giving customers all they ask for.

If that was in fact the case, a bookie per head service company wouldn´t survive long.

The secret, in fact, relies on fulfilling less-obvious client needs such as listening to the customer with an empathetic ear, and being able to provide alternatives to a diversity of common situations.


Reconsider Who Your Clients Are

Do you really know who your clients are? It is not uncommon for the employees of pay per head bookie companies to limit the definition they have of a client to someone that is not inside the company.


  • External Client: These are the individuals the employees of a gambling bookie company must deal with over the phone, or face to face. Indeed, without external customers, there are no sales, and there is no pay per head bookie business.

With that said, if your definition of a client stops right here, it means that you’re able to see just one half of the full picture.


  • Internal Client: The internal client is indeed the other half of the picture. These are the individuals that work inside the pay per head bookie company. Yes, the other half is co-workers!


By expanding the definition of client to include co-workers, you are on your way to provide outstanding services, allowing you to turn into a top bookmaker.

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