Pay per Head Bookie: Customer Service Game Proficiency

Indeed, contemporary customers of a pay per head bookie company are searching for three main things: Convenience, value, and most importantly, outstanding client attention.


Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Becoming a Winner at the Service Game


Whether your sports betting operation is small or large, online or off, the information offered below can help you make your business a winner at the service game, currently, and in future times.


A Moment of Truth

A moment of truth is a memorable experience that can be either negative or positive. These moments of truth can be crucial for the purchasing decisions of a customer in the future.

For example, a short, 5-minute chat over the phone with a prospective client of your pay per head bookie operation can influence the opinion of that particular person about whether he wants to sign up with  your wagering company or not.

What’s important to remember is that no matter what the source of the pay per head bookie service provided is, phone or web, clients are always quick to make judgements about the kind of attention they are receiving, consciously, unconsciously, or both.


Focused Attention

Quality is currently more relevant than quantity, and client-attention professionals are now focused on the particular experience of each individual customer.

This is actually quite positive, not only for the client of the pay per head bookie operation, but also for the sports betting agent himself as he can gather some great feedback from each player, and with the information collected, he can  begin implementing the necessary changes in order to make his sportsbook company more customer-centric.


From Transaction, to Relationship Buyer

If you want to consider yourself a pay per head bookie service champion, you must be able to turn transaction buyers into relationship buyers.

A transaction buyer is a person that is only interested in the price, and is not very loyal.

On the other hand, a relationship buyer is someone that values a long-term business partnership.

So, you must learn how to get prospective clients to focus not so much on your prices, but on the long-term value the player will obtain be becoming part of your bookmaking portfolio.

In fact, there are a number of well-known and respected studies that points out to a single key factor to become successful as a pay per head bookie: to develop and value client loyalty.


The Web

Indeed, your chances of succeeding depend not so much on the latest business trends, but on your willingness and commitment to provide the best possible customer solutions that you can.

However, when you perceive this commitment to deliver a superior pay per head bookie service as to be harmoniously integrated with a business trend, such as the internet, then you improve your chances of getting closer to your clients due to the convenience factor.

Actually, the main difference between the concept of customer service from a few years back and the present times are the tools that you have at your disposal, and the web is certainly at the forefront of them.

The internet is great because apart from allowing the clients of your pay per head bookie business to place bets online, it also allow you to maintain a great agent-client relationship.

This is because it makes it possible for you to assess individual client’s needs, deliver apologies, send personalized thank you notes, ask for input, and offer any new services, among others.


Telling the Truth

To lie is a factor (and a sign of poor customer service) that has led many pay per head bookie entrepreneurs out of business, and with that in mind, it is crucial to point out that your survival in the gambling industry depends on your ability to tell the truth about the real weaknesses and strengths related to your company.


Self-Evaluation Questionnaire

In order to help you realize the kind of quality attention you are providing, we have created the following self-evaluation questionnaire:

  • When I’m chatting with a client, am I able to give him my full attention while avoiding activities such as checking my phone?
  • Do I make eye contact with my customers when I am having a conversation with them?
  • When my phone rings, do I usually pick it up before the third ring?
  • When I need to put a client on hold, do I let him know what I’m about to do?
  • Am I able to speak in a natural way that is filled with the jargon that is usually shared by players, or do I use a more technical approach when I have to explain something?
  • When I’m truly unable to satisfy a given need of a customer, do I offer good alternatives to what the client wanted?
  • Am I able to offer sincere apologies when a mistake has been made by someone at my pay per head bookie company, or by me personally?
  • When a client complains about something, am I able to remain calm while avoiding taking things personal?
  • Do I view the complaints of my players as a chance to improve the pay per head bookie service that I’m providing?
  • Do you count with a problem-solving team that gathers, let’s say once a month, to work on a determined problem or situation?
  • Do you see a new client as a human instead of as a simple sale or transaction?


If you answered yes to all, or most of these questions, then it mean that your client attention solutions are quiet solid, otherwise focus on fixing the problems related to the question (s) where you answered negatively.


Staying Close

Now, although the internet is a great tool that allows pay per head bookie entrepreneurs to stay close to their clients, the truth is that some face time is also needed sometimes.

If you have the chance to meet with local players from time to time, make sure that you try as much as possible to do so in order to let that set of community customers that you are available for a person-to-person meeting whenever they need to see you.

Doubtless, a lot of individuals are happier when they are able to get their questions answered in person, especially when the question or concern in particular doesn’t fit the templates of online attention desk help.


To put it in simple terms, in order to become successful as a pay per head bookie you must run a customer-focused company instead of running an organization that cares more about its own business interests.

You must listen to the needs of your clients, and then do all that is in your hands (and beyond if possible) to satisfy those needs.

By doing this, you are showing that you have full respect for your players, and you are also demonstrating that you understand them.

Such positive attitude encourages your clients to spread the positive word-of-mouth around about your pay per head bookie organization, increasing your conversions.

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