Pay per Head Bookie: Expanding To Latin America

With more than 200 million web users, Latin America is constantly getting more and more interested in online sports betting, which pay-per-head-bookie-expanding-latin-americameans that this is a market that you definitely should try to hit in order to expand your Pay per Head Bookie operation.

Remember that if you are building a site, you are doing so because you want to hit as many markets as possible, and starting with Latin America is a great idea, so here are some tips can help you get started with the right foot.


Pay per Head Bookie: Language


With the exception of Belize and Brazil, Spanish is the king language in Latin American countries, so if you are planning to create a Bookie Services site especially for doing marketing in nations such as Mexico, Costa Rica or Argentina for example, you should use generic Spanish that is universally understood.

This is because some words that might have a certain meaning in a given country might have a very different one in another.

In other words, if you want to prevent people from getting the wrong message related to the content that you constantly add to your Pay per Head bookmaking website, try to avoid local slang words at all costs.


Keywords and General Content

Translating your current website from English to Spanish might prove to be a challenging task if you are a Pay per Head Bookie that is not very familiar with the latter language.

For this reason, we certainly recommend you to get a native speaker to help you create the kind of content that can attract the attention of Latino players.

This also includes keywords, so you can’t simply translate a popular term that you are using on your English Pay per Head Bookie website to Spanish because it might not have the same sense. In fact, your best bet is to do a separate keyword research campaign for your Spanish site.

In this case, you probably should get some help from an SEO (search engine optimization) professional so you can actually find the kind of terms that are commonly used by Spanish-speaking players whom are looking for Pay per Head Bookie services online.


Learn Some Spanish

Even though you can get the help of a partner or sub-agent that is a native speaker, you are indeed the owner of your Pay per Head Bookie business, and precisely because of this you need to, at the very least, understand what is being said to you.

Sure, you can trust your Spanish-speaking sub-agent to tell you what a possible client is saying, but the reality is that you want players to know that you are the boss, and not the sub-agent.

Failing to understand or speak some Spanish can give Latino clients the wrong idea about who is the actual owner of the sports betting startup company.

This means that if you don’t understand your clients, they will perceive your sub-agent as the person in charge, and although this is not completely negative, if for some reason you stop doing business with the sub-agent, you will not only lose him, but also your players whom were dealing with him.



Although your Pay per Head Bookie site is hosted in the United States, you can use Google Webmaster Tools in order to help you associate your web portal with a given Latin American country so your site can appear at the top of the SERPs for such nation.

If you have the cash to build a Pay per Head Bookie website but are not necessarily too familiar with site construction and optimization, it is certainly recommended to get the help of your Spanish-speaking SEO pro in order to give you a hand with this process.

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