Pay per Head Bookie: Understanding Google Webmaster Tools

The search engines such as Google want you to build your Pay per Head Bookie website according to their specifications, and they pay-per-head-bookie-google-webmaster-toolseven offer you free tools that you can use to your advantage.

Here’s some information that can help you understanding these tools better.


Pay per Head Bookie: Google Webmaster Tools



Geographic Target

If a determined Pay per Head Bookie site is attempting to target users in a given location, the webmasters whom are handling such websites can facilitate Google some data that can be helpful when it comes to determining how such sites appear in an area-specific results.


Preferred Domain

This is where the webmaster indicates the actual domain that he prefers to be used in order to index his site’s pages.

For example, if the webmaster of a site specifies a favorite domain such as and Google finds a URL to such Price per Head Services site that is formatted, then the search engine giant will treat such URL as if it was actually pointing to the same link but with the “www” included.


URL Parameters

The webmaster of a Pay per Head bookmaking site can also pass on to Google data that is related to every parameter linked to the web portal. This can include things such as “sessionid=7”.

This will definitely help Google to crawl the website in a more efficient way by making it easier for the search engine to ignore, for example, parameters that can contribute to the creation of duplicate content and also to realize exactly how many unique pages are crawlable.


Crawl Rate

This is a setting that affects the speed of the requests linked to Googlebot while doing the crawling work.




This is indeed a great tool because it can let you know if Google has found malware on your Pay per Head Bookie website.

Malware is not only negative for visitors of your site, but it can also affect your rankings in the search engine results pages or SERPs.


Crawl Errors

During the crawling process, if Google finds any errors that can be considered significant, such as a 404 error page, it will let you know about it so you can correct the access to links that are not accessible.


HTML Suggestions

This tool is also very helpful because it will let the webmaster of a Pay per Head Bookie site know if any unfriendly HTML elements were found while crawling pages.

This tool focuses on errors that are directly related to: non-indexable content, title tags and description tags.


Your Website on the Internet

This particular tool offers stats that are to be analyzed particularly by search engine optimization (or SEO) professionals.

This is because the reports offered contain info related to top pages, click-through rates, keyword impressions and link statistics.

Although some SEO’s state that the data offered here is incomplete, it can indeed prove to complementary to other similar work that is done using other similar tools available out there (either free or paid).


Website Configuration

Another great tool, it allows webmasters to test their robots.txt files, submit the sitemaps of their Pay per Head Bookie sites, let Google know about change of addresses (when a domain is changed by another) and also adjust internal sitelinks.


+1 Metrics

When visitors of your Pay per Head Bookie website shares the content of your pages on Google+ using the well-known “+1” button, the webmaster will get the data about it, and analyzing this info is quite important because Google gives more weight to content that is shared via Google+ than when it gets share using other social media sites.

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