Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Understanding Guerilla Marketing

Using guerrilla marketing can bring you some great results when it comes to promoting your pay per head bookie

Guerrilla marketing techniques are basically nontraditional, where you need to get creative with the resources you have at hand.

The basic tactics of guerrilla marketing are:

  • Identifying your audience (prospective players).
  • Think about ways to make an impression. Make an impact, be unexpected.

If you really want to benefit your pay per head bookie business by using guerrilla marketing, then you must be willing to be innovative on a regular basis.

Indeed, you cannot expect to make an impact if you continuously put up the same act.

Unless you are running a multi-million betting and gaming operation, you probably don´t have thousands of dollars in your budget for marketing purposes.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should not act; you just need to give your creativity a chance in order to work with the resources that you currently count with.


Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Regular versus Guerrilla


Just like with regular marketing, guerrilla tactics are destined to shape the opinions and views of your audience, in your case, sports betting players, so they can become part of your bookmaking portfolio.

The difference is that regular marketing uses tried-and true-techniques whilst guerrilla marketing is more about offering consumers a different perspective about a product or service, and this can be done using traditional marketing tools.

For example, the owner of a pay per head bookie company that wants to do business online can create a website to promote his sports betting operation, but in his perspective, this is not just a simple site, but a blank canvas with a huge number of possibilities.


Reasons Why

There is definitely a need for guerrilla marketing, and here are the top reasons why this set of tactics is becoming so popular:

  • Unique: When you engage in guerrilla marketing it is because you want to do something nobody has ever done before in order to create a unique connection with prospective clients of your pay per head bookie operation.
  • Targeted: Instead of putting your cash where you don’t need to put it, you hit your targeted audience.
  • Cost-Effective: When you spend cash in guerrilla marketing tactics, you are doing so in order to create a specific desired effect, for a specific audience, in a specific way, so the funds that are being used for this purpose can have the best impact.
  • Building Buzz: To generate buzz is not just about getting prospective clients of your pay per head bookie business to see and know your bookmaking solutions, but to talk about it as well. For your guerrilla marketing to work, it must stick in people’s minds and remain fresh there for a while. A good example of using guerrilla marketing on the web is to create videos that are likely to be shared by players and gamblers in general, allowing you to reach out to a lot of potential consumers without having to spend a penny (well depending on the resources you use to create your video).



Since guerrilla marketing is all about originality and creativity, brainstorming is essential.

In order to come up with some good ideas for your guerrilla marketing campaign, you definitely need to find some time to sit down, relax, and brainstorm some ideas.

Make sure that you find the right space, where you´ll feel comfortable, and where nobody is going to interrupt you.

You also need the materials to write down your ideas. You can use old fashion stuff such as pen and papers, or you can opt for writing your ideas in your tablet, laptop or smartphone. Whatever it suits you the best.

Alternatively, you can even make use of visual and audio content in order to enhance your creative processes.

It is fine to brainstorm alone, but it is also good to bring some people into these sessions in order to create an exchange of ideas with the goal of obtaining the best possible results.


Don’t Judge

During a brainstorming session, it is important that you remain nonjudgmental, whether you are with some people, or on your own.

A brainstorming session is a safe space where all members are able to express their ideas and write them down for further consideration.

What started as something nonsense and stupid can really turn into something brilliant later on the road.

People have all sorts of stuff in their minds, and when they are given the chance of expressing those thoughts without being judged about it, great results can be obtained for the benefit of your pay per head bookie company.

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