Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Best Practices for Landing Pages

It is a fact that a lot of people that visits your Pay per Head Bookie site doesn’t arrive through the home

Instead, many of your visitors actually enter your website through a landing page and since the latter have become so relevant, standard SEO (search engine optimization) is now very focused on creating truly informative pages that can rank high in the SERPs (search engine results pages).


Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Clean Layout


When it comes to the layout of the landing pages for your Price per Head Sportsbook Services site, the motto of less is more comes pretty handy.

Don’t overdo your pages. Keep them clear and uncluttered.

Also, don’t add too much content.  You need to minimize scrolling as much as possible. Your goal is to create landing pages that offer the information prospective clients need right away.

In other words, you need to focus on trying to figure out how to get the attention of new visitors long enough to turn them into conversions in the future.

It is also essential that you utilize clear fonts with colors that contrast well with your background.


The Headlines

We recommend you to allow the headlines of the landing pages of your Pay per Head Bookie site to shine.

Headlines should be attractive and should be given a great deal of importance because it is what can make the difference between people that just sees the headline of a give page and immediately clicks the back button in their browsers and those that find a headline interesting enough to continue to explore the rest of the content within the page.


Focus on the Call to Action

You need to make it clear to prospective customers what is the action that you want them to take.

Either to give you a call or provide you with their email address, visitors must get a very clear idea of what is the focus of a given landing page from your Pay per Head Bookie site.

It is important to mention that although your goal is to make it clear for visitors to know what the conversion point is, you must be cautious about being too direct about getting people to do something because you might get the oposite result.

In other words, you must use your CTA or Call to Action in way that invites people to do what you need them to do but without forcing them to do so.


Removing Header Navigation

If you really need people to take certain action on a given landing page of your Pay per Head Bookie site, then we recommend you to remove the header navigation from such pages in order to prevent people from navigating to other areas of the website.


Speak the Language of your Clients

If you really want to capture the attention of prospective clients, then you must create copy for the landing pages of your Pay per Head Bookie site that has a sense of familiarity concerning the way in which players express themselves.

Using the slang prospective customers use certainly helps you to stand as as an experienced agent and one that understands the needs and wants of players.


Keep on Testing

There is a chance that things might not go your way right away concerning the traffic that you are getting within the first few months of having your Pay per Head Bookie website up and running.

For this reason you must test different approaches to your landing pages in order to see what techniques can give the results that you are expecting.

We truly advice you to keep on trying different things and once you find an approach that is paying back with good numbers, continue to use it to create future landing pages.

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