Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Being A Productive Learner

Your role as the head of a pay per head bookie business requires that you never stop

When you continue to learn, you never stop improving, and that is truly beneficial for your bookmaking operation.


Pay per Head Bookie: Fundamental Principles


Although constant learning is paramount in order to continue to be successful as a sports betting entrepreneur, it is not uncommon that people develop bad learning habits.

However, by following these fundamental principles, learning effectively is possible:


Embracing Discomfort

When we learn something and it seems easy, we make the mistake of believing that we are learning more, but, according to the experts, effective learning doesn’t feel easy, it feels difficult.

When you learn something that seems easy, you must go a step ahead, and make an effort to learn the stuff that seems more difficult to you because this is what is going to ultimately bring the most benefits to your pay per head bookie operation.

The experts tells us that ongoing discomfort is what truly separates the individuals that are considered super achievers from the rest.

When the average person gets good at something, the learning process usually stops as the individual is unwilling to continue to challenge himself.

On this scenario, the person fails to practice anything new because satisfaction sinks in, and the person enters into a comfort zone, where learning something more difficult doesn’t seem necessary.

If you want your pay per head bookie business to flourish, you need to become an entrepreneur that values continuous self-criticism, and that is happy with the discomfort that comes with the pursuit of higher professional achievements.


Avoid Cramming

It is not uncommon for college students to absorb as much data as they can in a condensed period of time.

This is not a bad idea if you want to learn something short-term. On the other hand, if you want to learn something that will stick in your mind long-term, it is necessary to space out learning events.

When you learn something and forget it, all of it, or part of it, and then re-learn it, again and again, this is exactly how memories are cemented in the brain.

This process of repetition helps fill memory gaps until you’re able to remember even the most complicated stuff in full form.


Making Connections

When you’re learning something new, especially in written format, you can brainstorm about how this new data relates to what you learned earlier.

When you make this kind of connections, it will be easier for you to remember what you’re reading.

Make sure that you even apply some personal connections, linking the text that you’re reading to a personal event of your life, or even to one related to your bookmaking business.

Indeed, applying these connections between personal events (or those linked to your pay per head bookie operation) and reading material is going to be quite beneficial when you are in the process of learning something new.

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