Pay per Head Bookie: Pros and Cons of the Business

So, how do you realize if a pay per head bookie business is the right choice for you? Just like with everything in life, to start a bookmaking operation has both advantages and pay-per-head-bookie-pros-cons-businessdisadvantages.


Pay per Head Bookie: Positive Reasons


Let’s start with the good stuff:


You´re the Boss

The mere fact that you can call yourself the boss of your own pay per head bookie company is enough good reason to take the decision of saying bye bye to the 9-5 working force.


You Get All the Benefits

When you´re working for someone else, you are basically using your resources and capacity in order to make that person richer.

On the other hand, when you manage your own sports betting establishment, your efforts are destined to grow your own bank account.

Indeed, when you run your own pay per head bookie operation, no one is going to take your hard-earned cash from you, except maybe the tax man!


Working Where, and When you Want To

When you are the boss of your own sportsbook company, you can decide where and when you want to conduct your business.

It may be the case that you are more productive during the evenings than during the mornings or afternoons, or maybe, because of the nature of your business, you´re actually required to work at irregular times.

Whatever the case is, since you are the boss of your pay per head bookie business, you have the benefit of choosing the schedule that is most convenient for you.

Also, if you are running a small pay per head bookie operation, and since you are working supported by a price per head shop, which includes call center services, you can opt for running your business from home.

Or, alternatively, if your wagering operation is larger, you can even rent an office to accommodate your personnel (such as your accountant, your lawyer, sub-agents, marketing people, etc.) more comfortably.

The point being that as the owner, you are the decision-maker, and choosing the place where you want to run your business from is doubtless a great advantage.


Pick Your Own Customers

When you work for a company, you have to deal with any customers that are sent your way, good or bad.

But when you run your own pay per head bookie business, you get to pick who you want to make part of your bookmaking portfolio and who you would prefer to keep out.


Put as Much Time as You Want

Working as a wagering entrepreneur also means that you can put as much time as you want to into your bookmaking operation. You are really not forced to work a determined number of hours per week.

For example, you can work hard during a given week, and the next one you can just put up a few hours and spend the rest of your time working on a different project or simply enjoying life.

These are all good reasons why you may want to start your own pay per head bookie operation, and we can actually sum them all up in a single word: Freedom.


Negative Reasons

Although most pay per head bookie establishments are destined to achieved success if managed properly, there are some agents whose wagering businesses have resulted in more headaches than good results.

So, if you are considering starting your own sports betting company, don´t forget to consider the following pitfalls:


The Business is at Home

Just like running a business from home has a number of great advantages; it also comes with its own set of disadvantages.

It really all has to do with your domestic situation, meaning the people that live with you, and the different distractions.

For example, it may be the case that your kids or your significant other are just so excited that you are home all the time that they are on top of you constantly, and prevent you from finishing your business tasks.


You are the Boss

This is another case where a factor also comes with both good and bad things attached to it.

Being the boss, as explained above, is great for a number of reasons, but don´t forget that since you are the boss of your pay per head bookie company, you are ultimately the main responsible for the results your wagering operation gets.

Also, there is really nobody on top of you that can motivate you to do your work. Rather it is you who must manage to find ways to keep yourself motivated.


Health Insurance

One of the best things from working a 9 to 5 position at a given company is that you get health insurance.

On the other hand, when you are running your own business as an entrepreneur, it is you who must apply for medical insurance.


You May Fail or Dislike It in the Future

If you are an entrepreneur that is just about to start a company, everything may seem great at the present time for you to open the doors of your business.

However, nobody can really guarantee that your wagering operation is going to succeed, or that you are going to grow fond of it.


Regardless of these pitfalls, to start a pay per head bookie business is certainly a great option for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, and if you do things right, chances are that you are going to get to be where you want to be.

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