Pay per Head Bookie Quiz: Are you Ready for Business?

A lot of people want to start a pay per head bookie business and turn into their own bosses. However, to make the transition from a 9 to 5 position to self-employment can be pay-per-head-bookie-quiz-ready-businesschallenging.
We have created a special quiz that can allow you to decide if you are ready to make the move now, or if you should consider waiting a little longer.


Pay per Head Bookie: Take the Quiz


1 – Is your drive to achieve success as a bookmaking agent strong enough?
A. It is, period!
B. I believe I can do it if I really put my mind to it.
C. Not really sure: I´ll have to think about that one.
D.Did you really hear me saying that I wanted to start my own pay per head bookie business, seriously?

2 – Are you prepared to work as hard as you need you, and even go a step further?
A. No doubt. I´ll do whatever it takes to have the best pay per head bookie service business ever.
B. Sure, I´ll put some hard work as long as I get something in return.
C. Hmmm well Ok. Just as long as I get evenings and weekends off.
D. No way! Isn´t that the reason why I must hire employees?

3 -Are you fine with the idea of you being the person who controls your own sports betting company instead of having someone else doing that job for you?
A. I don´t really want any person to have control over my bookmaking per head service operation but me.
B. I will indeed point that as my number one choice.
C. That actually sounds interesting, can I?
D. I didn´t knew I was the one who needed to control my own work, that sounds tough.

4 – Do you currently have a network of local and on line betting players?
A. That is a fact, here is the info!
B. Yes I do possess some leads.
C. Not at this moment, but I am working on it.
D. Once I open the doors of my betting and gaming operation, customers are going to start coming, no doubt on that one.

5 – Do you currently have a plan related to the transition you will have to make from your current 9 to 5 job to your very own gambling bookie company?
A. You bet. Here is the plan; do you want to take a look at the full document, or just at the executive summary?
B. Yes, I have taken some time to consider the options that are available for me and I’m currently putting a plan together.
C. That is the first thing in my to-do list!
D. Meh, I really don´t believe or trust plans. They give my style a bad reputation.

6 – How are your finances? Do you have the necessary cash that can tide you over while your pay per head bookie business gets off the ground?
A. Is a full salary year enough? Because that is what I currently have in my banking account.
B. I have enough cash to get me by for around 6 months.
C. I have saved some money that can help me for about 3 months.
D. You’re kidding me right? I’m still paying for college!

7 – How strong is your self-image?
A. My second name is self-esteem!
B. I do believe in my own self-worth.
C. I am Ok, just don´t push me too hard.
D. Don´t really know about this one.

8 – Do you count with the support of the people close to you, such as your significant other, or other members of your family?
A. We are a solid unit. They are definitely on board with my plans to become a bookie.
B. They basically favor whatever makes me happy.
C. I´m kind of sure that they support me.
D. I am going to inform them once I turn into a top bookmaker.

9 – If the situation requires it, can you start your pay per head bookie business while you remain in your current job?
A. That is a fact! Actually my boss wants to jump in and become a bookie too!
B. If I do some schedule adjustments, it shouldn´t be a problem.
C. Can you repeat that question please?
D. Maybe I can put up a couple of hours a month.

10 – What are you going to tell your friends when they inevitably ask you for the reason (s) why you gave up your great 9 to 5 job?
A. Free at last!
B. Benefits outweigh costs.
C. Not sure, I hope they don´t ask me about it.
D. I will actually pretend that I’m still part of my previous organization.


Points and Categories


Here´s how the points system works:
• You get 5 points for every A answer.
• You get 3 points for every B answer.
• You get -3 points for every C answer.
• You get -5 points for every D answer.


And here are the categories:


25 to 50 Points: If you were fully honest and got these many points, then you are definitely ready to start your own pay per head bookie operation.

1 to 24 Points: You are warm, but don’t quit your current 9 to 5 job until you have venture well under way.

0 Points or Minus Points: It seems that you are not ready to try to run a pay per head bookie business, but try to do what’s necessary, acquire everything that you need, and then take this very same test in the near future to see if the results are more positive.

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