Pay Per Head Bookie Services: The Secret Behind Sports Betting Success

Pay per Head bookie services have made it possible for small and medium size wagering operations to thrive.

Pay Per Head Bookie Services: The Secret Behind Sports Betting Success
Pay Per Head Bookie Services: The Secret Behind Sports Betting Success

Without price per head shops, sports betting agents wouldn’t be able to compete against the large online sportsbooks.


Pay Per Head Bookie Services: Innovation for Sports Bettors

For a “backroom agent” to become successful without Pay per Head bookie services is impossible.

The reason is because the offshore price per head shop counts with the resources the bookmaking software agent needs.

And, the PPH shop is willing to provide the sports betting software agent with such resources for an affordable weekly cost.

Such cost is based on usage. Meaning that the bookmaking software agent pays the offshore price per head shop only when his own clients get some sports betting action; or play online casino games.


How it Works

When you acquire Pay per Head bookie services, all you get is data management. And, after all, what is a sports betting business if not data!

The price per head shop is going to take care of processing all wagers and online casino plays for you.

Allowing you to enjoy of plenty of free time. Which you can spend marketing your sports betting and gaming business.

Now, since all a PPH shop does is to manage data; there is never an exchange of cash between the bookmaker’s clients, and the price per head establishment.

This means that:

1. The Pay per Head bookie services company process the wagering and gambling data

2. The top bookmaker get all the profits

So, by allowing the price per head shop to process all sports betting and gaming action, you’re not “partnering” with the PPH shop.

Instead, all you’re doing is to outsource a major part of your bookmaking operation. That’s it!

In other words: you’re paying a weekly flat fee to the price per head shop; so you and your clients can make use of the Pay per Head bookie services.

This includes full access to:

  • Custom bookie software for the bookmaking agent
  • Access to the online sportsbook and casino interface for players
  • Access to the call center for players
  • Full support for both the top bookmaker and his players


What Does the Bookmaker Gets, What Doesn’t?

Although the Pay per Head bookie services company can manage all the data; there are things only the bookmaking agent can do.

The price per head shop can empower the sports betting agent with a custom bookmaking website, an outstanding wagering menu, line grading, online casino, phone clerks, customer and technical support.

However, it is the agent who sets the sports betting limits for his own customers. He also needs to collects from players when they lose. And also pay up winners every week.


What Makes Pay per Head Bookie Services Different, Necessary?

When Pay per Head bookie services began to gain popularity a while back, the sports betting industry started to give the small bookmaking agent more weight.

Suddenly, sports betting agents with small or medium size wagering operations were able to attract more business their way.

And things like keeping track of every wager became just memories.

Instead of taking care of all the wagering action manually, all the agent had to do was to issue his players a login so they could place their own wagers online; or contact the call center to bet over the phone.

That way of simplifying things really made it easier for talented small bookmakers to grow beyond their own imagination.

And this is because by working with a Pay per Head bookie services company, a bookmaking agent can handle a bigger sports betting volume.

The reason is simple: When a bookmaker process wagers manually, he can handle just so much action from each client.

On the other hand, working with a Pay per Head bookie services establishment makes it possible for players to bet when they want; and all they want.

This means that when presented with a PPH shop solution, sports betting players are going to bet a bit more than players from old school bookies.


Difference Between Pay per Head Bookie Services And Regular Sportsbooks

Although a player will probably find the same kind of service when using a regular sportsbook or Pay per Head bookie services; there is a big difference:

A sports betting or casino player must have cash up front to play at regular online sportsbooks.

This, however, differs from a price per head shop. The reason is because, for example, a player can put down $1000 in credit on the Super Bowl, even if he doesn’t have any hard cash on him.

And that is possible because the local bookmaking agent can extend this credit.


Protection Against Wise Action

One thing every single top bookmaker out there must be careful about is wise action.

Wise guys are trying to dry the profits out from distracted small and medium bookmaking agents.

And their favorite victims are those sports betting agents whom aren’t making use of Pay per Head bookie services.

The reason is because the manual operation of an old school bookie is easier to trick.

So, by working with an offshore price per head shop; a sports betting agent finds protection in the form of non-stop wise guy action monitoring.


Always Available

Not being there to take wagers when players want to place them is the factor that can bring a sports betting and online casino business down.

So, using Pay per Head bookie services is necessary to prevent this.

A top price per head shop should be able to offer 24-7 attention during the full year.

This guarantees the sports betting agent that his clients will be able to bet without a problem.


The Best Option

Choosing the best Pay per Head bookie services provider shouldn’t be that complicated. All you need to do is to give the price per head company you’re interested in a call.

By getting in touch with the people behind the PPH shop, you’ll figure out if they sound like a serious alternative.

Remember that a small price doesn’t always equals a bargain. Sometimes you just get what you pay for. Meaning that if you’re paying the lowest price per head weekly fee, you can expect low quality services.

On the other hand, a high price doesn’t mean high quality either. It may just mean that the individuals managing a given PPH shop just want to make a lot of money without caring for the kind of solutions that are delivered to the end user.

So, when looking for the best Pay per Head bookie services provider, focus on a combination of credible credentials, and a fair price.

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